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ShellEnhancer todo

Postby New fan of Nuonsoft » Sat Sep 04, 2004 3:21 pm

Can you let us have a sneek peak of your todo list for the next version of ShellEnhancer? I am really excited about the next release!

I read that you are currently working on Wallpaper Cycler, so I guess the next version of SE may not be released so soon.

Keep up the excellent work on all your programs and thanks for these unique programs!
New fan of Nuonsoft

Postby Marc G » Sat Sep 04, 2004 5:01 pm

Ok, see below for my current todo list, but note that i almost literaly copied this from my actual todo list, so layout is ugly, sentences are sometimes weird, you might encounter some dutch words, ... ;) (I've also stripped all email addresses.)
First, the following things are already implemented:
Code: Select all
- New Feature: From:
   -> Add option to allow double click on title bar to rollup.
- New Features: From:
   -> AltTab suggestions:
      -> Remove the 'note:' text
      -> 32x32 icons in list mode
      -> in list mode, the icon gets a selection box. could this be extended to got over the text also? (maybe an option?)
- Fixed: From registration:
   -> One thing that could be improved is that the Alt+Tab switcher replacement looks a little too cluttered.
      You might want to leave the icon out of the top bar, and move the note in the bottom bar into the
      configuration wizard instead of having it on the switcher every time.
         -> Note is gone
         -> Option to hide the top-left icon.
- New Feature: From regmail:
   -> Add "min to tray" to windows/system menus.
- New Feature: From:
   -> OSD: user selectable font, and option for bold and italic
   -> OSD: change position: center, 4 corners, 4 sides...
   -> OSD: Change spacing between screen border
- New Feature: From:
   -> Add a "Duplicate task" in task editor
   -> task editor -> double click should open props; single click on + sign should expand
- New Feature: From reg-mail:
   -> Keyboard support in Mosaic-Switcher
   -> Smaller mosaic-switcher

Now for the todo list:
Code: Select all
- Custom TrayIcons -> allows users to launch apps from the tray?
- The CWinThread class is necessary to make your code and MFC fully thread-safe??
- retrieve window region for drawing alttab previews
- Shell Enhanced Apps -> Allow to do this on windowtitle, windowclass. (like automanaged windows)
  -> + window picker in Shell Enhanced Apps dialogs
- Hotkeys -> Do some action on a window
       Ex: send a specific key to a specific window (based on title, classname)
- Check StringCbCat.... to avoid buffer overruns!
- EnhancedDrawText -> one long line (without spaces) does not get broken at right edge.
- From registered user: It would be great if you enhanced the commands available for automation - move the cursor, left & right click, etc.
- Large toolbar buttons?
- Multi Desktops
- Forum suggestion:
   The ability to add shadows (like the ones under menus in XP) to any window would be nice.
   And also to add shadows to the menus in previous windows versions. The shadows could have different control
   parameters, too, ie. size, spread, opacity....
- use somekind of API function interception to better catch menus?
- SendMessage(DM_REPOSITION); to make sure window is on screen?
- Suggestions from for mosaic:
   - Have each program's image drawn as a separate entitity on the desktop instead of equal sections like it is now. Take note from Apple Expose, iEx or Winsplosion.
   - The above would eliminate the ugly red "no" signs.
   - In the future, implement a smooth shrink transition when mosaic is initialized.
- OSD's? -> allow user to display custom OSD's with information?
- X-Window style Resizing of putty doesn't work
- See
   If you could add a feature that would cause all my windows to snap together, like AllSnap does, I wouldn't have to run both utilities and could just run yours...
   -> Snap to other windows and screen border
- suggestion forum (
   - As I see it, there's currently no way to make an application start minimized to tray (executing
   "start /min" for an application when its window is auto-managed to minimize to the tray does not
   seem to work). So, I'd like to suggest such an option.
      -> Implement this with "launching it off-screen"?
- Checkout CDragListBox    
- From
   - Larger icons in the alttab dialog (up to 128x128)?
- From
   And, a feature request:  How about setting a hotkey+click to be able to close taskbar items? (ie, shift-clicking a taskbar item closes it)
- Suggestion from registration email
   'Window momentum' (details see registration email of ...)
- Suggestion from email
   I'd like to create one hot key that will open several applications that I use together. When I'm finished
   with those applications, I'd like to press another hot key to close them all. I haven't figured
   out a way to do the second part.
- customize what mouse buttons do: leftclick -> settings, middelclick -> taskmaanger, rechter -> menu
- Use ShellExecuteEx with flags SEE_MASK_NOCLOSEPROCESS!
   -> it returns the hinstance of the launched app in hInstance.
- "Check latest version" feature (checks what the latest released version is)
- Send X to winamp doesn't work
- Extra menu items are not added to Tiny Firewall Status Window (also, can't subclass window)
- (size,pos) tooltip when sizing/moving a window
- Some apps crashes when shutting down SE:
   -> For example, open notepad and then "About" notepad, close SE, and close the About dialog of notepad -> crash
- From:
   -> MinToTray bug with thunderbird and possible other "Only-1-Instance" allowed apps
- From:
   -> Window-specific tasks
   -> user-defineable delay for window-buttons-transparency
   -> Keep window-button opaque.
   -> Enhanced TaskSwitcher: only background transparent; text and icons fully opaque.
   -> Make clear that "Block Screensaving" is a toggle action -> it's not clear (see forum)
   -> Also, perhaps add some predefined corner things:
      eg: block screensaving: mouse in corner->block, leave corner->unblock
   -> Rollup: when rollup + auto rolldown enabled, don't rolldown until the mouse has first left the
      title bar and re-entered the titlebar. !!
- From:
   -> Ultra advanced task-scripts using a true scripting language...
- From:
   -> MinToTray for DBISAM doesn't work always
   -> MinToTray last visible window, restores another minimized window.
- !!!! From:
   -> Ask to save the tasks when closing task editor !!!!
   -> Save the Settings immediately when closing the Settings-dialog !!!
- Exit & Restore doesn't work
- From:
   -> Check opera mouse movements system to pass movement directly to underlying app?
- From:
   -> ghost windows: allow click-throughs on not-active-transparent windows.
- From:
   -> Programs crash on shutdown of apps:
      -> NotesHolder
      -> Newsleecher
      -> MediaMonkey (gives an error when selecting songs, choose "Play Now" and an external player open)
      -> I encounter the same kind of problems with my Java applications (FreeMind, WebMethods). They start
         just fine but when I start to work with them, they suddenly close.
         -> Create an empty auto managed window with all transparency af (from johan)
- Outlook: start new mail: drag file from explorer to it: send mail: outlook crash
- From registration mail...
   -> When I have NotesHolder 1.32 (latest version) running with auto-hide on the side of the screen on,
      and then try to close it via the systray, it crashes. This crash does not occur when ShellEnhancer is
      closed first, so it is not a NotesHolder problem but a ShellEnhancer problem.
   -> Also, WinBar shows up in the Alt-Tab list while it shouldn't (doesn't show up in the Windows Alt-Tab).
      WinBar 1.2.95b, you can download it @
- From bug-report mail:
   -> On XP when the icons are hidden ShellEnhacher shows the icons on the desktop so the only way to
      hide the icons is to enable on  ShellEnhacher to always hide the icons & if for any reason
      ShellEnhacher is closed the icons show on the desktop even that it is defined on XP to hide the icons.
   -> I think it will be better that when hovering on the taskbar the transparency change slower than it is now???
   -> OSD - It better to have the option of choosing fonts that support more than English.
   -> On Auto Mange its help to add to the Windows Classname something that can relate with software only,
      for example Windows Classname #32770 is not used only by one software & it will make all this kind
      of windows transparent
   -> It's nicer to have the option of closing the window too.???
   -> It's useful to have window minimized or send to tray or closed in case active or not active windows
      after period of time.
- From reg:
   -> lock a window so I cant do anything with it (press buttens or escape) so i can use it like a background
- From
   -> Photoshop CS with "transparent when not active" doesn't boot
   -> quicktime in transparent browser doesn't play well
   -> Trillian 0.74 also doesn't seem to like becoming transparent. The application will run, but as soon as
      you display the main application window it locks up.
- Allow to put windows in other windows
   -> ex: gimp creates 1 window for each toolbar -> taskbar is clogged -> put all toolbars in other window
- From:
   -> tooltips do not show in Explorer when I use "Shell Enhanced Applications"
- From:
   -> Change priority of apps when they boot
- From bug report email:
   -> When using the Maxthon (formerly MYIE2) browser (, the window rolls up when
      hovering the mouse from the toolbars into the tabs area and browser view part.
   -> Also when moving my (pen) mouse quickly out of (any window with enabled rollup) the window does not
      roll up, but when ENTERING the (not rolled up window) it rolls up! (win2k)
      -> Something WM_NCMOUSELEAVE related perhaps? WM_NCMOUSELEAVE needs TrackMouseEvent!
   -> When resizing X-style and (just) having enabled rollup the contents of the window (e.g. windows explorer)
      does not size: only the area surrounded by the border will be larger, but the e.g. the statusbar remains
      the same size & position.
   -> auto-Rollup when mouse completely leaves window, not when leaving only the title bar.
- From:
   -> a time delay with the option "Transparent when not active"
- From:
   -> Strange problem I have been having since the upgrade only happens with Mozilla windows. When I minimize the windows and restore them via Alt-Tab I only get a small 100x30 titlebar with controls. If I alt-tab to them again the window is restored to the proper size. Also if I attempt to drag the minimized task window it appears to be fullsize. Hopefully the screenshot below will answer any questions that come up...
   (see SS20.jpg screenshot)
      -> combination of litestep + firefox perhaps (see forum)?
      -> did work with SE 1.0
      -> Try to find something and get back to ...
- alt+shift+tab doesn't work the first time to open the alttab window
- From:
   -> Single checkbox-click in settings window
- From:
   -> option for 32x32 icons in enhanced tabswitcher list layout
- From:
   -> X-Window move/resize Transparency also when normal move/resize
- From:
   -> Remove titlebar of windows + other special stuff.
   -> Also add a "Close window" to task commands to allow screencorner to close window.
- From:
   -> Give an example in helpfile of how to use color keying:
      -> can be used to make the MDI background of photoshop transparent, so you click through it.
- From:
   -> Rollup -> change width to, so you get a small rolled up window.
- From:
   -> bug with transparency when hovering minimze button (see "se - eyebex.avi")
- From:
   -> With Transparency when not active enabled, Outlook 2003 will lock up when opening
- From regmail:
   -> options for freeing up RAM
   -> take screenshots
   -> kill processes
   -> maybe you can add more mouse gestures or enable users to add their own.
- From regmail:
   -> register dialog appeared twice ?!?
- From mail:
   -> It would be nice if the hotcorner feature could be expanded to include some areas at the border of the
      screen between the corners, so one have four more areas to assign to macros.
   -> Do Windows-keys work in hotkeys?
   -> Mosaic appears when relogon from 'fast user switch' or screensaver
- From:
   -> Improve the mouse gesture part so that it doesn't detect clicks (middle/right) as gestures.
      (only start recognizing gestures when you click the button AND start moving the mouse)
   -> Add support for clipboards??
   -> I have seen programs such as 'access folders' and 'dirkeys' which let users quickly navigate to
      thier favourite folders in open/save dialog boxes by right clicking on the ? button at the top
      right hand corner of these dialog boxes.
- From bug report mail:
   -> Lotus Notes -> only 1 letter in title bars ! (unicode bug?)
- From:
   -> AltTab suggestions:
      -> alt-` cycles the oposite direction(same as alt-shift-tab but quicker/easier)
       -> option to show app name instead of what its title bar name is
      -> only display one item in list per app ??
   -> Mosaic suggestions:
      -> force windows of an app into 1 tile of the mosaic
      -> option to show name of app at all times, not just in tooltips
      -> make it faster? (perhaps cache screenshots before mosaic is invoked)
         -> Cache screenshots on-the-fly (continually) ? too much overhead??
- xp Taskmanager timer sometimes stops?
- Mosaic: mouse tracking selection?
- Mosaic: user configurable selection border -> width, color, ...
- AlTab -> wrongly focussed window when window has dialog open.
- From:
   -> In my ShellEnhancer settings, I have Transparency > Enable transparency hotkeys unchecked. However, pressing the specified
      hotkey combination still adjusts the transparency of the current window.
      If I enable transparency hotkeys and then disable them, the setting sticks.
- From:
   -> Photoshop-style window scrolling?
- From: bug report mail:
   -> When shell enhancer is running, I cannot start my favorite utility: "Explorer Plus," made by Novatix --formerly sold
      under a different name by a different company I can't remember right now. It's an excellent file manager and
      essentially a replacement for the brain-dead windows explorer.
- From: bug report mail:
   -> Thunderbird 0.7.3
      > - use auto managed (application name) to mimimized to tray (and x-window is activated)
      > - when I get new mails an extra thunderbird tray-icon is visible
      > - if I click this icon thunderbird is restored so I can read my new mails
      > - now I can\'t minimized thunderbird to tray. I must always click the default thunderbird tray-icon to restore too, an
          now I can minimized thunderbird to tray
- From:
   -> <CSS> in window title will cause alt+tab switcher to interpret that as a color tag.
- From:
   -> support middle mouse button to min to tray, rollup etc...
- From bug mail:
   -> basically when i am workin on an image (in photoshop), and select ANY tool or layer or palette thingy, it will
      DESELECT the image im working on. so i'll have to click it once to reselect it, then click again to use whatever tool...
      this is on photoshop cs and xp sp2.
- Apply-button in settings window doesn't move when resizing window
- From bug report mail:
   -> Hauppage WinTV2000 fulscreen uses 100% CPU
- CArchiveException and other MFC exceptioon objects should be deleted as follows:
   pExcep->Delete() instead of delete pExcep.
- From reg mail
   -> Transparency with IrfanView after Fullscreen Mode hangs up
- From reg mail
   -> but the autostart checkbox does not seem to work (winxp home)
- Apparently LL mouse/keyboard hooks shouldn't be in DLL

As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done... and I'm currently busy with Wallpaper Cycler 3.0. 8)

PS: if you have registered a copy of one of my products, you will get notified by email when a new version is released.
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