games minnimize after secconds. :-(

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games minnimize after secconds. :-(

Postby BriansRottingCorpse » Thu Nov 25, 2004 6:43 am

:shock: Unfortunately my unreal, halo, continuum, all minimize with shell enhancer on, all i use it for is the awsome task switcher, everything else is disabled. Windows Media player even will not play visualizations full-screen for more than 2 secconds (it then goes back to WMPand says that my hardware can not support it) :( When i "exit and restore" the above mentioned problems no longer occur. comp crashed last week and now no matter what i do, even uninstalling, i can not fix the problem. :cry: can you tell me what reg settings are chnaged when the following settings are set?:
toggle on top
keep focus
lock position.
-as i feel theese have the most relviance.
please help if you can guys .
-BriansRottingCorpse =:~)

Postby Marc G » Thu Nov 25, 2004 10:20 am

There are no settings changed in the registry for all that.
If you have uninstalled ShellEnhancer, please check if the ShellEnhancer directory is entirely deleted. If so, and the minimize problem of unreal etc still exist, it must be something else on your system, because ShellEnhancer doesn't alter the registry for those features.
I use ShellEnhancer myself and never experienced this problem.
What version of Windows are you running?
Are you running other programs in the background that might interfere?
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