simpler settings editing

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simpler settings editing

Postby eyebex » Wed Jul 28, 2004 10:31 pm

in the settings window, you cannot put / remove a checkmark in a checkbox next to a setting that is not currently selected (blue background). you first have to click on the name and then on the checkmark, which is quite annoying because time-consuming ;-) could you please enable to be able to directly click on any checkbox to change it's state?

Postby Marc G » Thu Jul 29, 2004 10:28 am

I'll think about it (put it on the todo), but some people (including me) like it the way it is, because this way you can't accidently enable/disable something. Perhaps i'll make an option for it ;)
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Postby eyebex » Thu Jul 29, 2004 6:53 pm

thanks for considering my wish, but i really think this isn't worth an option. if you already know about what which setting does, it's just annoying to have to click twice to toggle it. and in case you accidently toggled a setting, you still can cancel out of the dialog to revert to the previous settings.

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