Add Folder Recursively

The "Add Folder Recursively" feature can be used to quickly import an entire folder-tree on your hard disk. When you click on "Add Folder Recursively", you first have to select the folder that you want to import and click OK. When you click OK, the following dialog will appear.

When the "Keep folder structure" is enabled, Wallpaper Cycler will keep the folder structure as it appears on your hard disk. For each folder on your hard disk, a new Wallpaper category is created and the wallpapers inside that folder are added to the newly created category. Subfolders on your hard disk will become sub-categories in Wallpaper Cycler. Learn more about image wallpapers.

Enable the "Link all categories to their folder" option to link the newly created Wallpaper Cycler categories to the corresponding folder on your hard disk. This allows you to use the "Synchronize Folder Link" feature. This feature will scan the linked folders and when new wallpapers are found, they are added to the correct category. Learn more about the Synchronize feature.

System folders like for example "Recycle Bin" and "System Volume Information" are automatically skipped.


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