Fullscreen Preview

To quickly get a fullscreen preview of a wallpaper, select the wallpaper in the imagelist on the main window and press the SPACE key on your keyboard. Once in preview mode you can use the following keys on your keyboard:

  • SPACE or ESCAPE: close the fullscreen preview.
  • LEFT and RIGHT: preview the previous or next wallpaper in the active wallpaper category or search folder.
  • ENTER: render the currently previewing image to the desktop.
  • I: show or hide information in the lower left corner about the image that is being previewed, including a "(Image x of y)" to let you know which image of how many is currently being displayed.
  • Q: Toggle between high quality scaling (slower) and lower quality scaling (faster).
  • H: hide or show the small help text that is displayed in the upper left corner.
  • X: never display the small help text when opening the preview window. To re-enable that help text go to Tools > Program Settings > Miscellaneous and enable "Show help text in image preview".


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