Quotes Editor

(Not available in the Lite version)

When you choose "Tools > Quotes Editor" you can edit your quote-files which can be used by a text-object on your layouts. The following window will appear.

You can start a new quote file, open an existing or save the current quote file with the "File" menu. The "Edit" menu allows you to find quotes based on your search criterion. The "Tools" menu contains a list of websites where you can get new quotes. NuonSoft is not responsible for the content found on those sites. The content on these sites can change without notice.

To edit an existing quote:

  • Select the quote in the list
  • Edit the quote in the "Quote" part of the window.

To add a new quote:

  • Click on the "New Quote" button.
  • Type something in the "Author" and "Quote" fields.
  • Click on "Add Quote" or Alt+A.
  • After you've clicked on "Add Quote", you can immediately start entering a new quote without clicking on the "New Quote" button.

When you are done editing your quotes, save them with "File > Save Quote File..."

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