Screen Saver

(Not available in the Lite version)

Wallpaper Cycler has a screen saver feature. When you enable this feature, the screen saver will display your wallpapers as a slideshow. The settings for the screen saver are broken down into 2 parts. There are some global settings that can be changed from the "Tools > Program Settings > Global > Screen Saver" dialog and there are document specific screen saver settings that can be changed from "File > Document Settings > Document > Screen Saver".

The global settings allow you to enable/disable the screen saver and to specify a delay between the wallpapers.

The document specific settings allow you to select which layout category Wallpaper Cycler should use to render the images for the screen saver. This allows you to create a layout category in Wallpaper Cycler that contains layouts specifically designed for the screen saver. If you create such a layout category, select it as the layout to use for the screen saver and disable the layout in Wallpaper Cycler, so it won't be used to render images on your desktop but only to render images for the screen saver. Using this, you could create 4 exactly the same layouts but each layout displays the current time in a different corner of the screen. Now, the screen saver will cycle through these layouts and each time, the time will be rendered in a different corner.

You can also select which effects you want to use. Enable the effects that you want to use in the effects-list. Wallpaper Cycler will choose a random effect from the selected effects for each transition.

During the screen saver you can use the right arrow key on your keyboard to cycle to the next image in the screen saver. You can use the left arrow key on your keyboard to cycle to the previous image in the screen saver. However, you can only go back 1 image.


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