Search Folders

(Not available in the Lite version)

Search folders are a powerful tool to create dynamic "categories". You cannot directly add wallpapers to a search folder. The wallpapers in a search folder are retrieved from all the wallpapers in your wallpaper list that match certain criteria. The following criteria are available:

When you open the properties of a search folder you will get a window like in the screenshot below.

This window allows you to specify a name and a description for your search folder. The description is optional. Under the Search Action page you have to specify which of the search conditions you want to configure for this search folder. Some search conditions require extra information in which case the "Edit..." button will become enabled. The "Description of Configured Action" shows a description in plain text of the condition that you have configured.

Search Folders can also be used in combination with layouts. You can link a wallpaper object on a layout to a search folder. In that case, Wallpaper Cycler will only show wallpapers from that seach folder in that wallpaper object. See "Which wallpaper" option for the wallpaper object.

Find All Wallpapers

Find all wallpapers in your wallpaper list. All wallpapers will match this condition.

Find Tags

Only wallpapers with a specific tag or with multiple tags will match this condition. You can specify multiple tags for this condition. A wallpaper will match when it has all these tags. So when you specify multiple tags for this condition you have to interpret it as an AND operator on these tags. If you want to create an OR combination of tags you have to use the boolean OR operator which is explained below.

Find Text

Find wallpapers with a certain piece of text in their filename or foldername.

Find Enabled or Disabled Wallpapers

Find wallpapers that are in an enabled or disabled category.

Find Cycled To (or not) Wallpapers

Find wallpapers that have already been cycled to or that haven't yet been cycled to.

Boolean Operator

Boolean combination (And, Or, Not) of several other search commands. Boolean conditions can be nested. In the screenshot above you have to interpret it as follows: find all wallpapers that have at least the tags "cars" and "Landscape" and that are in enabled categories.


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