Smart Orientation

(Not available in the Lite version)

The Smart Orientation feature is meant to make it easier to render appropriate wallpapers on your desktop depending on the orientation of your primary monitor. This is useful when you have a pivotting monitor or when you use a tablet PC.

This feature works together with the tags feature. The following predefined tags exist: Landscape, Portrait and Square. Wallpaper Cycler will automatically assign one of these tags to imported wallpapers. You cannot delete, rename or combine these predefined tags.

Since these Landscape, Portrait and Square tags are just like normal tags, you can easily define search folders to quickly get an overview of all your landscape, portrait or square wallpapers. And because these are normal tags, you can also create layouts and give the layout one of these predefined tags. When you do this, a wallpaper that has the tag Portrait will be rendered with a layout that also has a tag Portrait. That way you can easily create layouts specifically designed for landscape or portrait orientation.

When the Smart Orientation Feature is enabled, Wallpaper Cycler will check the aspect ratio of your primary monitor and based on that will use only wallpapers with certain tags. This can be configured in "File > Document Settings > Smart Orientation" and is shown in the screenshot below.

When Smart Orientation is enabled, you have to configure the 2 settings "Monitor in Landscape Mode" and "Monitor in Portrait Mode". The listboxes show a list of all available tags. For each monitor orientation you can select which tags Wallpaper Cycler should use. In the above example, when your monitor is in landscape mode, Wallpaper Cycler will use only wallpapers that have either the tag "flowers" or the tag "Landscape". When your monitor is in portrait mode, only wallpapers with the tag "Portrait" will be used.

The Smart Orientation feature is also very useful in combination with the "Cycle wallpaper when display settings changed" setting. Together you can configure them so that Wallpaper Cycler will automatically cycle the wallpaper when for example the orientation of your tablet PC changes from portrait to landscape mode.


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