Wallpaper Cycler keeps track of a number of statistics. The statistics can be viewed with "Tools > Show Statistics...". There are two major categories of statistics being tracked, Global Statistics and Current WCL Statistics.

Global Statistics

The global statistics are statistics that are independent of the wallpaper list (WCL) that is loaded. The window displays all statistics in a list. When you click a specific statistic, a description of it will be shown in the textbox below the listbox. Click the "Reset..." button to reset these global statistics.

Current WCL Statistics

The current WCL statistics are specific statistics about the currently loaded wallpaper list (WCL). These statistics are saved inside the WCL file itself. At the top is a dropdown where you can select a specific statistic. When you select a statistic, the wallpapers matching that statistic are shown in the listbox. You can click any wallpaper in that listbox and a small preview will be shown. When you click the "Jump To Wallpaper", Wallpaper Cycler will select that wallpaper in the main window. The "Reset All..." button will reset all these WCL statistics.

Note: If you are using layouts, only the usage-statistic of the wallpaper that is called "Auto" will be incremented. If you have secondary wallpaper objects on your layout, the usage-counter of these wallpapers will not be incremented!


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