Synchronize Folders

You can use the Folder Links Synchronization feature by using the "Wallpapers > Wallpaper Categories > Synchronize Folder Links" menu.

The synchronization feature allows you to link a certain folder on your hard disk with a certain wallpaper category. By doing so, the synchronization feature will be able to detect new wallpapers in that folder on your hard disk and will add these new wallpapers to the linked wallpaper category. You can link a folder on your hard disk to a wallpaper category by using the "Manage Folder Links..." option in the category window.

The folder synchonization feature will also automatically detect new sub folders in folders that are being monitored. For each new sub folder a wallpaper category is created and linked to the new sub folder.

Wallpaper Cycler can also monitor your linked folders in the background and automatically add new wallpapers to the correct categories. You can enable/disable this feature with the "Automatically synchronize folder links" option in "Tools > Program Settings > Folder Synchronization". If this option is enabled and Wallpaper Cycler detects new wallpapers, they will automatically be added to the correct category with a 10 seconds delay. NOTE: This delay is added to prevent Wallpaper Cycler from synchronizing constantly while you are copying new images to a linked folder. This delay does not mean that Wallpaper Cycler checks every 10 seconds for new wallpapers! Wallpaper Cycler will be notified by Windows when something changes in a linked folder.
When Wallpaper Cycler has found new wallpapers, a balloon will appear in the neighborhood of the Wallpaper Cycler icon in the notification area (the icons next to the clock of Windows) to notify you of this action. This balloon looks like in the following screenshot.

You can click that balloon to get more details. A more detailed overview of the results can also be found in "Wallpapers > Wallpaper Categories > Synchronization Results...", which will show the following window:

This window gives an overview of the newly added wallpapers and if they were added successfully or not.

Note: The list "Files failed to add" shows all the failed files. It might be that those files are not even image files, for example those could be .AVI or .MOV files. You can tell Wallpaper Cycler to automatically skip those extensions using the Skip Extensions dialog.


Note: The synchronization feature will only check if there are new wallpapers in linked folders on your hard disk and will add those to the corresponding wallpaper category. The synchronization feature will not remove wallpapers from the corresponding wallpaper category if they were removed from the linked folders on your hard disk. You can use the "Wallpapers > Find > Find Non-Existing Wallpapers" feature for this.


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