Wallpaper Cycler includes a small WPCController application that allows you to control Wallpaper Cycler from other programs. This controller application is installed in the Wallpaper Cycler installation folder and is called WPCController.exe.

The following commandline parameters are supported by the tool:

  • /start_cycling
  • /stop_cycling
  • /next_wallpaper
  • /previous_wallpaper
  • /toggle_slideshow_mode
  • /toggle_main_window
  • /get_number_of_seconds_till_next_cycle
  • /is_cycling
  • /rerender_current_wallpaper
  • /next_wallpaper_from_same_cat
  • /restart_cycling
  • /set_no_wallpaper_on_desktop
  • /refresh_desktop
  • /quote_editor
  • /notes_editor
  • /calendar_notes_editor
  • /manage_feeds
  • /show_display_properties

All of these commands return the result as exitcode from the WPCController.exe application.

get_number_of_seconds_till_next_cycle returns the number of seconds until the next cycle of Wallpaper Cycler or -1 when there was an error or if Wallpaper Cycler is not cycling.

is_cycling returns 1 if Wallpaper Cycler is cycling, 0 otherwise.

All other commands return 0 on success or -1 on failure.

toggle_main_window will show the main Wallpaper Cycler window when it is currently not being shown. If the main window is already visible, this command will hide the main window only when the main window does not have any open popup windows.


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