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Postby chortlinggoatstabber » Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:17 am

Ghost-It is a little software product that "functions" how I want minus the accessibility I want. Shell Enhancer is the only software of which I know that has working accelerator / mnemonic / access keys (whatever you want to call them) for each common window manipulation function via each window's system menu. (tweak window, actual windows, and others don't have this) Ghost-It only operates out of the system tray and using the mouse, which is extremely annoying because while it is one of the only products out there with ghosting functionality (and free) it thus has crappy accessibility. What I want is ghosting like Ghost-It via the system menu through Shell Enhancer. In fact, Ghost-It has extra features I could care less about like fading, taskbar ghosting, and an uneccessary keyboard shortcut. I just want to have the simple ghosting ability - ie, preset transparency (perhaps through the "auto-manage..." system menu option wizard deal). So when you select Ghost from the system menu, it would set it at that level of transparency, always on top it, and "anti-interact" it, for lack of a better term, when not in focus. Shell enhancer would kill everything else out there if it had ghosting in my lame opinion.

fyi - Ghost-It is here: (you don't kill urls here do you?)

Another offhand suggestion would be to somehow cause a window to re-draw via VMR in a 3d graphics card if present, allowing even windows that draw directly to video memory to be transparent / ghosted. This may not be possible, but I know for sure it is at least possible to layer / fade / make transparent many videos on one another using VMR (video mixing renderer). Beryl in some linux distros is able to utilize VMR in 3d cards to mess hard core with it's windows apparently. i've actually tried it and it's pretty sweet, though linux is just lacking in too many other areas for me to stick with it.

thanks for reading

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Postby Marc G » Thu Aug 09, 2007 7:41 am

The Ghost-It functionality is an interesting idea and I will put it on the todo for a future version.

The VMR idea however I'm not sure if that is possible with Windows XP...
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