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Portable shellEnhancer

Postby bublible » Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:33 pm


First: this app would be my NR.1 solutuion as an replacemnet for so many apps I am using now...if it would be REALLY PORTABLE meaning NOT STORING its values (settings) in windows registry! :(

Yea, I know there is an ability to export settings but WHAT FOR? If this is possible than why not save it localy as default option instead of windows registry??? In these days of USB keys and stuff... :(

This option is really a must, ya know :-))) ...at least it'd be great leaving user this option of STORING SETTINGS LOCALY (to .ini or .xml file).

I am used to have only portable or "poratablized" apps (see: as I quite often reinstal my WinXP SP2 - being so called let's say 'SW tester', hehe - it;d be really a drag to permanently setting something up and 'partition imaging' isn't solution here at all) and I do not see any real reason to storing settings of this great app to registry + if the install file just put things in some directory (not mentioning the registry part as I discussing it now) then this would also be marked as 'not needed', making this little-big gem totally portable: just grab it a run it, no install part at all - just unzip/unrar and go! ;-)

P.S.: I do not mean to sound rude or something...I am just being sad that SE isn't completly portable already - please try to understand me and do something about it...PLEASSEEEEEEEE! :-)))


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Re: Portable shellEnhancer

Postby Marc G » Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:25 am

Yes, that would be a great idea.
I will try this for the next version when I find time to continue to work on it.
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