Tutorial - Create a multimonitor layout

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Tutorial - Create a multimonitor layout

Postby Marc G » Wed Oct 20, 2004 12:42 pm

This tutorial will guide you in creating a multimonitor layout which will display a different wallpaper on each monitor.
  1. Start Wallpaper Cycler and add some wallpapers or open an existing wallpaper cycler list.
  2. Click on "My Layouts" in the tree on the left of the main window.
  3. Choose "Layouts > Add Layout...".
  4. The layout editor is now opened and we can now start creating our layout.
  5. To start with, give this layout a nice name with the properties bar at the right of the window. For example: "Multimon Layout 1".
  6. When you have a dual monitor setup, your drawing canvas will look like:
  7. Then, choose "Objects > Add Wallpaper Object" and drag a rectangle on the drawing canvas by clicking the left mouse button, moving the mouse and releasing the left mouse button. Afterwards, you can click the object with the left mouse button and move the object to fit it nicely in the upper-left corner of the canvas. Then click with the left mouse button in the little black rectangle in the lower-right corner of your new wallpaper object to resize it to fit one monitor.
    If you have multiple monitors, the drawing canvas will be divided according to the number of monitors you have. Resize the above created wallpaper object to fit exactly one monitor.
  8. Next, we will add our second wallpaper. Choose "Objects > Add Wallpaper Object" and again drag a rectangle on the canvas. This time, resize and position the wallpaper cycler object so that it fits the second monitor. The final result should look like:
  9. Our layout is now finished, so we close the layout editor.

The layout is now ready for use. To try it out, open a wallpaper category, click with the right mouse button on a wallpaper and choose "Set As Wallpaper Using Layout > X" where X is the name you gave to your new layout.

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