FileEngineer 1.0 Released

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FileEngineer 1.0 Released

Postby Marc G » Tue Dec 17, 2002 7:30 pm

FileEngineer 1.0 has been released today.
With FileEngineer you can do several things with files.
  • You can quickly find a certain string in files.
  • You can also replace the found string with another string.
  • You can quickly rename a bunch of files and give them a uniform name with numbering.
Currently, FileEngineer is pretty basic without a lot of options, but if you quickly want to replace/find a certain string or rename a bunch of files, FileEngineer gets the job done.
But we're working on the following new features:
  • Much more powerfull file renamer. You can create a kind of scripts with several operations like:
    • Remove the x first characters,
    • Convert all underscores to spaces,
    • Rename a certain string to another string,
    • Capitalize words,
    • ...
  • As always, you can suggest your own features.
To find out more about FileEngineer, click here.
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