WindowTool 1.3 Released

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WindowTool 1.3 Released

Postby Marc G » Sat Apr 12, 2003 11:28 am

WindowTool 1.3 (previously named OnTop) has been released today.

WindowTool is a little utility with the following features:
  • Put any window always on top.
  • Change the transparency of any window.
  • X-Window style moving/resizing of windows.
  • Set any window in "Keep Focus" mode which prevents other windows from being activated.
  • Auto Manage windows: Example usage: Each time a Notepad is started, activate Always On Top and set transparency to 30%.
To find out more about WindowTool, click here.

Changes in this version are:
  • Solved a few issues on Windows 95/98:
    • The animation is missing when you minimize/maximize windows.
    • New windows won't show up in the task bar when WindowTool is running.
  • Checking the WindowTitle for automanaged windows is now case insensitive.
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