Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 Released

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Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 Released

Postby Marc G » Wed Oct 15, 2003 1:25 pm

Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 has been released today. This new version contains many new features:

  • Categories can be used to group certain wallpapers.
  • Categories can have time constraints. This can be used to make a category which will only be used in the morning, summer, ...
  • Wallpaper Cycler supports up to 65535 categories each of which can contain up to 65535 images.
  • Shell integration allows you to easily add new wallpapers straigth from Windows Explorer.
  • System wide shortcuts can be used to quickly start cycling, cycle to next wallpaper, ...
  • Easily find duplicate images in your wallpaper list.
  • Wallpaper Cycler can cycle with a specifc delay between wallpapers or at specific times or both.
  • A built-in list of quality wallpaper websites.
  • The built-in bug reporter makes it easy to report bugs.
  • Wallpaper lists are now saved in binary which result in great performance improvement with large lists.
  • Double click on the system tray icon to quickly cycle to the next wallpaper (disabled by default).
  • Play a sound each time the wallpaper is changed.
  • ...

To find out more about Wallpaper Cycler, click here.
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