Wallpaper Images downscaled

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Wallpaper Images downscaled

Postby eiriN » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:58 am

I have a new licensed copy of WallPaper Cycler 3.6 on Vista Ultimate (32bit).

I have a screenresolution of 1600x900 and a folder with images with the same sizes. The images in this folder are displayed by the WPC as downscaled images (very unsharp) and if I get the Current Wallpaper with the default application I can see that they are downscaled to 640x360.

Now when I retrieve the Windows Destop properties: (Rightclick desktop, Personalize, Desktop background) I noticed that the images are tiled (side-by-side, middle option). When I put this option to fullscreen screen (leftmost option), the images are not downscaled anymore), after I ask for a new desktop image to the WPC.

However this options seem to revert to the middle option after I restart or when I reopen the desktop background properties. I have a standalone computer (no roaming or centralized controled profile).

This worked normal some time ago with the free version of WPC. Can someone help me with this?

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Re: Wallpaper Images downscaled

Postby eiriN » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:04 pm

I also contact support, but did not receive any response yet. I'll try a call if this takes too long.
But I found some new clues:

* The fact that the Windows Control Panel tiling desktop options are reset every time I start, is done by the timed recycle of the wallpapers. I readed some code samples that use a simular technique for resetting the wallpaper after startup. So this should be normal and has nothing to do with the problem.

* The downscale of the images does not happen every time I get a new wallpaper during the cycle. Sometimes thay are oke (1600x900), sometimes they are 160x160. My wallpaper folder really contains only 1600x900 images

* When I set the tiling options in the used WPC Layout (before they were all set to the default that I got when I created the new layout), to Tiling from wallpaper: unset; Tiling Settings: Center; Scale 100; Alignment: both Center, the images are not upscaled after they are downscaled to the sizes mentioned above, so not blurred anymore, but just very small (640x360 or 160x160)

* This looks like (but is a personal conclusion) there is sometimes a miscalculation in the size of my desktop (I use no multimonitor). I conclude this because if I edit the image using the context menu of the WPC tray application, the imagesize of my next wallpaper is feeded to the internal Windows Desktop show function already is downscaled where no scale should have been done.

Please can someone help me with this!

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Re: Wallpaper Images downscaled

Postby Marc G » Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:19 pm

Sorry for the late response, but I´m on holiday right now.
I´ll be back in the office next week.

What you are describing is pretty strange, WPC never alters the images on your harddisk.
Please email me your .WCL file.
Marc Gregoire,
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