Random Cycling restricting itself

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Random Cycling restricting itself

Postby Sanduleak » Thu May 02, 2013 8:53 pm

Maybe the topic title is not defined as it should be, but I am not able to describe my problem in a few words, in fact is not even a problem is kind of a weird situation I have noticed.

I am working in Win 7 with a multi-monitor configuration (3 monitors working at 1920x1080) the center one being the main one.

In WPC I have to main categories with 16 sub categories on cat one and 4 on cat 2 each of those subcategories varies in number of wallpapers, from 4 in the one with less wallpapers to 53 in the one with most.

What I have noticed is that after some time of working (can't say how long it takes since my comp is on 24/7) wallpaper cycler starts to cycle between only two of those categories, usually one of those categories is the one with most wallpapers and the other one is one of the others, to resolve this I have to manually force WPC to load one wallpaper from the other categories (from each one of them) and then everything is ok for some time until this strange thing happens again.

Did anyone else notice this?
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Re: Random Cycling restricting itself

Postby Marc G » Sat May 04, 2013 9:07 am

The random selection algorithm in WPC will make sure that all wallpapers have been chosen before a wallpaper is displayed again.
You can see how a random wallpaper is selected in the "Cycling Flow" section on http://nuonsoft.com/help/wpc_3_6_0_180/ ... g_flow.htm
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