Dual monitor "bug"

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Dual monitor "bug"

Postby TheBlackCat » Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:38 am

I should point out at the beginning this is a trivial "bug" (if it even qualifies as a bug). It is obvious what is causing it and it is easy to fix on the user end. You may very well already be aware. I still think it is worth pointing out just in case. When you have the dual monitor setup with different wallpapers from the same category on each monitor you get, obviously two different wallpapers from the same category. However, if you only have one wallpaper in a category it gives an error. The error is slightly cryptic, something about not being able to find a particular file, but it is clear that it is searching for a second file that just doesn't exist. I see three possible solutions. The easy solution would be to make a slightly more clear error message telling people to either get a second picture or disable the category. Another almost as easy solution would just be to show the same wallpaper on both screens when this happens. The harder, but not much harder solution would be to randomly select a picture in the same next higher category level. Whatever the case, I thought I would point it out just on the very slight chance you have missed this.
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Postby Marc G » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:29 am

Thank you, this obviously qualifies as a bug ;)
The correct solution is the second one: if there is only 1 wallpaper in the category, it should use the same one on both monitors.
It will be fixed.
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