Random.. Not quite so, if possible..

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Random.. Not quite so, if possible..

Postby Angelical_1 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:29 am

Hi Marc,

Just a quick question. When using a created layout consisting of 1 predefined image and a number of other images from the same category it sometimes (depending on the number it has to choose from) displays the same image twice. Is it possible that wallpaper cycler (future version) could check which other images have been chosen for the displayed layout and avoid duplicates? Additionally.. maybe an tick (on/off) option to display an empty image (saying "unable to avoid duplicate image") for situations when there are not enough wallpapers in a chosen category to be displayed without duplication. Of course I've no idea of the complexity for such an algorithm, just an idea.. in fact, if already mentioned, sorry.

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Postby Marc G » Fri Jun 08, 2007 9:19 am

The internal build has already a feature to remember which wallpapers have been chosen. It works by assigning a flag to each wallpaper. When a wallpaper is chosen, this flag is set to true. So, when you have some smaller wallpaper objects on your layout, WPC will try to select wallpapers that have this flag set to false. When all flags are set to true, WPC will reset the flags to false. In this way, you will have different images most of the time, unless there are not enough images available in the category or when WPC has to reset the flags in the middle of rendering the layout. For example: suppose you have 4 wallpaper objects on your layout. Suppose that after chosing a wallpaper for 2 objects, WPC detects that all flags are set to true. Because of this WPC will reset the flags to false, and then the chance exists that it might select a duplicate image for the 2 other wallpaper objects.
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