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Postby lonestarbacon » Thu Apr 07, 2005 12:34 pm

So what are the latest happenings at NuonSoft? Those of us who are avid users of your sweet sweet products are drooling over what could possibly be coming out of your capable hands. Any fun features to tease us with? Looking for beta testers for any of your software?

Thanks for all the great software, keep up the great work!
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Postby Marc G » Fri Apr 08, 2005 8:04 pm

I'm currently working on the next release of Wallpaper Cycler. This new version will have several bugs fixed and will contain new features. The URL wallpapers are fixed and will now always download the wallpaper from the internet. The current version of Wallpaper Cycler sometimes 'downloaded' the image from the IE cache.
A new feature will be a little wizard that will be launched when you create a new wallpaper layout. This wizard will ask you some basic questions about the layout you want to create. This will make it a lot easier for people to learn the layout feature of Wallpaper Cycler.
Wallpaper Cycler 3.1 will automatically detect new wallpapers in linked folders 10 seconds after the change.
You can now specify a default tiling for all newly added wallpapers.
Another new feature in Wallpaper Cycler 3.1 is time synchronization which allows you to synchronize your Windows clock with a time server on the internet.
There is also a new option to prevent Wallpaper Cycler from cycling when the screensaver has started or when you have locked the desktop.
The layout feature has been enhanced with a new effect and linking wallpaper objects.
There are still a bunch of things on the todo, but I'm afraid not all of them will end up in the next release.

A new version of ShellEnhancer is also in the pipeline with lots of new features and bug fixes. For example, the new version will have a new feature called 'easy gesture', will have more settings for the Enhanced TaskSwitcher and Mosaic TaskSwitcher, some new task commands, a better OSD, rollup on double click, tweaked backend, and much more. Unfortunately, the todo list of ShellEnhancer is getting really big with lots of new features, so implementing them all will take a lot of time and probably won't be implemented all in the next release. They stay on the todo list though.
I'm also starting to think about a completely new version of ShellEnhancer specifically designed to run on Windows 'Longhorn'.

I would also like to continue working on the NuonSoft MediaBrowser, but unfortunately time doesn't permit this right now. :(

Also on the todo list is making native 64 bit versions of Wallpaper Cycler and ShellEnhancer to run on Intel 64 bit and AMD 64 bit processors. Unfortunately I don't have a 64 bit Intel system or a 64 bit AMD system, so this won't be for the immediate future. :(

Beside these new versions, there are some completely new programs on the drawing board, but again time doesn't permit to start working on them right now. One example is a powerfull Icon editor which would correctly support huge icons and/or alpha blending, because a lot of Icon editors I have tried don't support huge icons and/or alpha blending correctly.

By the way, suggestions for new programs are always welcome. If they aren't too big or too complicated they might even get released. :)

And you are always welcome to post some so called "fun features" ;)

Yes, I can still use a new beta-tester. If you are interested, send me an email.
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