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MediaBrowser has the following features. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

  • You can tile pictures on the screen.
  • You can stretch pictures or movies, so they take up the whole screen. There is also the options to maintain aspect ratio, so pictures and movies will not be distorted.
  • Ability to correct aspect ratio for PAL/NTSC/Anamorphic videos/images.
  • Nice-scaling option for images. This will smooth (interpolate) images when scaled, which results in much better scaling quality, but it might decrease performance.
  • Gamma correction for images.
  • Fullscreen mode.
  • Adjust the background color. Especially usefull for viewing transparent images and image formats with alpha channels.
  • Rather small and unobstructive user interface, to maximize screen real-estate. The UI can also be set to autohide for complete fullscreen experience.
  • File Cycler. This works for all supported files. This can be used to play intros of music/video files or to view a whole directory of images as a slideshow.
  • Multiple view support. Enable up to four views for simultaneous mediafile browsing.
    • Compare transparent/translucent images on different backgrounds.
    • Compare compression quality of files.
  • Copy functionality. You can copy images, but also frames from movies.
  • Drag & Drop support. Drag files or folders from explorer to the MediaBrowser or drag files from the MediaBrowser filelist to any application which support Drag & Drop.
  • Use favorites to store your most used folders.
  • Shell integration (if you want). Right click any file in explorer to try to open it with the MediaBrowser.
    You can also associate any filetype with MediaBrowser. Double clicking on such a file in Windows will launch MediaBrowser to open it.
  • Disable screensaving. With this you can block the screensaver and screen power management.
  • Loop multimedia files (e.g. music and video files).
  • Hide mouse cursor after a specified interval.
  • Fully configurable OSD (On Screen Display) support.
  • Thumbnail view with adjustable thumbnail cache settings.
  • Show all images in multipage images at once.
  • Easily zoom in and out. Even movies can be extremely zoomed in (if you have the CPU power).
  • Use "Box-zooming" to zoom in on a specific rectangle.
  • RAW picture support.
  • View and edit properties of codecs in use by ActiveMovie.
  • Display detailed information about the currently loaded file.
  • Put MediaBrowser window "always on top".



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