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Below you will find some older news items.


ShellEnhancer Progress

ShellEnhancer 3.0 is being finalized, however some stability issues cropped up on some systems. I need to fix these stability issues first before ShellEnhancer 3.0 can be released. I'm hoping to be able to release it before the end of july with lots of new features and bug-fixes.


Mail Issues

There were some mail server issues on friday 14 april and saterday 15 april. The issues are now fixed. If you've sent an email to a address during those days, you should consider resending the email.


Wallpaper Cycler Released

The long awaited new version of Wallpaper Cycler has been released today.

Wallpaper Cycler has a lot of new features and bug-fixes. New features include:

  • support for rendering RSS news items on your desktop
  • add calendar notes bars to your desktop
  • much improved quality with image scaling especially for shrinking images
  • screen saver module with 40+ transition effects
  • support for EXIF data of images
  • option to prevent cycling during screen saving or locked desktop
  • much better looking OSD (On Screen Display)
  • synchronize the time with an internet time server
  • support for GIF files
  • default settings for newly added wallpapers
  • automatically detect and add new wallpapers to your categories
  • new options for transparency effect: several merge modes: normal, subtract, add, multiply, divide, difference, screen
  • includes presets and a wizard to quickly start creating your own layouts
  • added a thumbnail preview to the "Add Wallpaper Image" dialog
  • ...

Learn more about Wallpaper Cycler


Site redesigned

The NuonSoft website has been completely redesigned.
We hope that you'll enjoy the new design. We did our best to design a clean and userfriendly website. If you find any dead links or have any suggestions or feedback, you can always contact NuonSoft.

Along with this redesign, we opened NuonSoft.NET which currently houses the site for ShellEnhancer.


Wallpaper Cycler 3.0 Released

Wallpaper Cycler 3.0 has been made available today.

Wallpaper Cycler 3.0 is the completely rewritten version of Wallpaper Cycler 2.1 with greater possibilities and goes much further than most other wallpaper cyclers.

It allows you to easily manage all your wallpapers in multi-level categories, link categories to folders on your hard disk for quick synchronization, make creative layouts for your wallpapers, add a calendar, quotes, notes, webcam, and more to your desktop, apply effects to your wallpapers, supports more than 20 file formats... and much more....

Learn more about Wallpaper Cycler 3.0.


FileEngineer 2.0.1 Released

FileEngineer 2.0.1 has been made available today.

This release contains some serious bug-fixes. Users of FileEngineer 2.0 should upgrade to 2.0.1.

  • Fixed: The Find, Find And Replace and Advanced Find And Replace modules sometimes crashed on specific files and search strings.
  • Fixed: The wordwrap command in the Advanced Find And Replace module caused crashes.
  • Added a time/date-column in the listview in the toucher-module.
  • Allow sortheaders up/down on all filelistviewers.

Learn more about FileEngineer 2.0.1.


ShellEnhancer 2.0 Beta Released

ShellEnhancer 2.0 Beta has been released today.

This new version includes lots of new features and bug-fixes. The following are a few major new features:

Learn more about ShellEnhancer 2.0 Beta.


ShellEnhancer Status Report

Development of ShellEnhancer has finally restarted.
There are already a lot of new features that have been implemented and some bugs that have been fixed.

Learn more about the development status of ShellEnhancer.


FileEngineer 2.0 Released

A new major release of FileEngineer has been made available today.

Some of the features of FileEngineer 2.0 are:

  • Find and replace text in files
  • Powerfull Advanced Find And Replace feature, allowing you to create complex find and replace scripts with operations like: delete line, add string to start or end of line, duplicate line, word wrap at a certain character, add line numbers, change case, find at start or end of line, ...
  • Powerfull File Renamer to rename several files at once. You can create a kind of script with several operations like: find and replace text in the filename, make lowercase/uppercase, format the filename to include for example an automatically incrementing number
  • File Toucher to quickly change dates and/or attributes of files
  • File List Printer to easily create a listing of your files with several output possibilities
  • Folder Size Lister to quickly determine which folder is eating up your harddisk space
  • File Comparer to compare two files or two folders recursively
  • File Line Counter to count the number of lines in files.
  • Supports true regular expressions in file-filters
  • Find text with or without regular expressions
  • Fully multi-threaded, allows you to use multiple modules at once
  • Integration with Windows Explorer
  • And more...

Learn more about FileEngineer 2.0.


New Webserver

The NuonSoft website has been moved to another webserver. Because of this server migration, the downloads were temporarily unavailable. Everything should now be working again. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.


Wallpaper Cycler 2.1 Released

Wallpaper Cycler 2.1 has been released today. The following issues are fixed:

  • Make text of icons on your desktop transparent. This even works with Active Desktop enabled!
  • Added new options when adding a folder to the imagelist:
    You can now let Wallpaper Cycler automatically create categories based on the folder names.
  • You can now change the text that appears in the tooltip of the Wallpaper Cycler tray icon when Wallpaper Cycler is cycling.
  • Added a "Find Non Existing Images" feature.
  • New option to use large bitmaps on toolbars and menus.
  • Added a "Cycle once and do not exit at window logon" option.
  • Show window hotkey: this hotkey is changed to a toggle-hotkey. When you press this shortcut anywhere in Windows, the Wallpaper Cycler window will be shown when it was hidden and will be hidden when it was shown.
  • Pressing the Enter key in the imagelist will set the currently selected image as your current wallpaper.
  • Added a "Refresh Current Wallpaper" menu option and hotkey.
  • The Wallpaper Cycler settings window is now by default larger when running on a resolution > 640x480.
  • Added option "Always use XP-style menus": When you enable this setting, the menus will always be drawn in the Windows XP style. When this setting is not set, the menus will be drawn according to your system settings.
  • Fixed a bug with category descriptions sometimes disappearing when clicking "..." in the Add/Edit Category window.
  • Bug fix: "Select duplicates" does not deselect current selection.

For more information about Wallpaper Cycler 2.1, click here.


ShellEnhancer 1.0 Beta Released

ShellEnhancer has been released today. ShellEnhancer is the successor to WindowTool which is now deprecated.

ShellEnhancer is an application designed to enhance the default shell of Windows and to make your life easier.

For more information about ShellEnhancer 1.0 Beta, click here.


Wallpaper Cycler 2.0.2 Released

Wallpaper Cycler 2.0.2 has been released today. The following issues are fixed:

  • Enhancements made to the system wide shortcuts: the Windows-keys can now be used in a shortcut.
  • Fixed the system wide shortcuts: shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+N didn't work.
  • Added some more wallpaper sites.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

For more information about Wallpaper Cycler 2.0.2, click here.


Wallpaper Cycler 2.0.1 Released

Wallpaper Cycler 2.0.1 has been released today. The following issues are fixed:

  • The F12 key cannot be used as a hotkey, because it's not allowed by the Windows programming guidelines.
  • Minor issue with the uninstaller.

For more information about Wallpaper Cycler 2.0.1, click here.


Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 Released

Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 has been released today.  This new version contains many new features:

  • Categories can be used to group certain wallpapers.
  • Categories can have time constraints. This can be used to make a category which will only be used in the morning, summer, ...
  • Wallpaper Cycler supports up to 65535 categories each of which can contain up to 65535 images.
  • Shell integration allows you to easily add new wallpapers straigth from Windows Explorer.
  • System wide shortcuts can be used to quickly start cycling, cycle to next wallpaper, ...
  • Easily find duplicate images in your wallpaper list.
  • Wallpaper Cycler can cycle with a specifc delay between wallpapers or at specific times or both.
  • A built-in list of quality wallpaper websites.
  • The built-in bug reporter makes it easy to report bugs.
  • Wallpaper lists are now saved in binary which result in great performance improvement with large lists.
  • Double click on the system tray icon to quickly cycle to the next wallpaper (disabled by default).
  • Play a sound each time the wallpaper is changed.
  • ...

For more information about Wallpaper Cycler 2.0, click here.


Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 is coming...

Wallpaper Cycler 2.0 is coming within a few days with many, many new features.


NuonSoft Founded

ExaWare has been renamed to NuonSoft and with this rename comes a completely revamped website and our own domain name. With these changes, we hope to provide our customers with even better products and support.

We are still working on the new site, so it can occur that you come across a bad link, an image that doesn't show or a download that doesn't work. In such event, please try again later or report it to us.

We will try to release new versions of our products as soon as possible with the name ExaWare renamed to NuonSoft. Currently all our products released under the name ExaWare are still available on our new website. Do not be alarmed if you see ExaWare in one of our products right now. We will be phasing out the name ExaWare.

If you want to support NuonSoft with a donation, you can click on the Donation link at the top of a page.

PS: We are NOT and were never affiliated with


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