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What's New?

This page lists the changes in each version of Wallpaper Cycler.



New features: (Learn more about all the features.)

  • The text editors now have an extra button to insert a line break without a visible horizontal line.
  • The Info Panel now contains a "Set As Wallpaper" button in the upper right corner to make it easier to render the selected wallpaper to the desktop.
  • Wallpaper Cycler will now by default store the rendered wallpaper in "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\NuonSoft\WallpaperCycler" or similar depending on the language of your Windows and whether you are running XP, Vista or Windows 7. Previously WPC would store the image in the user temp folder, but some tools cleanup the temp folder causing a plain colored background to appear on the next reboot of Windows.
  • An "Options..." menu item in the Wallpaper Cycler notification icon menu.
  • The COM DLL has been removed because it gave too much problems on 64 bit versions of Windows. Replaced by a WPCController tool.
  • The fullscreen preview now shows a '(Image x of y)' in the lower left wallpaper information block.
  • New WPCController tool. This is a small application that accepts commandline parameters to control Wallpaper Cycler. It replaces the COM DLL. This is now used by the Windows Gadget instead of the COM DLL.
  • Better support for High DPI systems, preventing blurry text and icons on Vista and later. WPC is now fully High DPI Aware.
  • All tree controls now have nicer selection on Windows Vista and up.
  • All ListView controls now have nicer selection on Windows Vista and up.
  • New option "Cycle wallpaper when display settings changed". This in combination with the "Smart Orientation" feature is very useful for example for tablet users. When the tablet is rotated, WPC can automatically cycle the wallpaper to pick one that fits the new orientation.
  • New option under "Tools > Program Settings > Document > Wallpaper Default Settings" to assign a default tag to newly added wallpapers. By default this is set to "To Be Reviewed". This makes it easy to use a search folder to find all wallpapers with this "To Be Reviewed" tag so you can review the tags for the new wallpapers.
  • A wallpaper object on a layout can now be set to "Random from same category and with given tag".
  • The skip extensions dialog now contains a button to reset the list to the default list of skipped extensions.
  • Cycling is working now on Windows 7.
  • You can now rotate any image by 90, 180 or 270.
  • The N/A that was rendered to the desktop when something went wrong with processing a news feed can now be disabled in the global WPC settings. When disabled, WPC will not render any text when a news feed error happens.
  • Also allow F2 and Slow Double Click to rename wallpapers, however, in that case a dialog pops up in which you do the renaming, because a warning message has to be displayed.
  • You can now press CTRL+C in the EXIF data dialog to copy the selected EXIF data to the clipboard.
  • A new option in Tools > Program Settings > Miscellaneous to disable the error balloons that are shown when something goes wrong while downloading a news feed.
  • Added a button to the toolbar to quickly change the cycling settings (delay between wallpapers).
  • Added a button to the toolbar to quickly change the cycling sound.
  • Rendering now happens in a separate thread, not blocking the main GUI thread.
    • The rendering thread will be switched to low priority if the rendering was initiated by a timer.
    • The rendering thread will stay at normal priority when the user forced WPC to cycle the wallpaper.
    • On Windows Vista or later, the rendering thread will use low priority I/O in case the rendering was initiated by a timer.
  • The info panel will now allow you to quickly check if a wallpaper is linked to a layout either directly or indirectly through one of its parent categories.
  • A new Info Panel has been implemented that removes the Information Frame on the right of the main window.
  • Hicolor toolbars/menus.
  • The uninstaller will no longer remove the license information.
  • New option to automatically rerender the wallpaper when resuming from standy or hibernation.
  • Added a TrialPay button to the Buy-Dialog.
  • The fullscreen preview window now scales the image with the same high quality as when rendered to the desktop. This feature can be disabled to speed up the preview on slower systems. Can be enabled/disabled from the global WPC settings or by pressing Q in the fullscreen preview.
  • A new toolbar button to quickly toggle between thumbnail view and details view.
  • New option "Cycle once every day and exit at windows logon".
  • New option to enable/disable the feature that WPC will automatically select the new wallpaper in the main window when cycling to the next or previous wallpaper.
  • You can now rename a layout by slowly double clicking the layout or pressing F2 in the list in the main window of WPC.
  • When you click on the My Wallpapers category, the wallpapers are only shown after double clicking a message. This is done to prevent performance issues with large wallpaper lists. An option has been added to disable this behaviour and to show the wallpapers immediately when clicking the My Wallpapers category.
  • Option to hide the message that says "Failed to install ChangeNotification on..." when the folder synchronization function could not be installed (for example: remote drives)
  • The folder synchronization feature now recursively will detect new sub folders and will create the appropriate categories for those new folders.
  • On a clean installation, the folder synchronization feature will by default skip *.db, *.ini, *.avi and *.lnk files. This behaviour can always be changed by adding/removing extensions in Tools > Program Settings > Global > Folder Synchronization > Skip Extensions.
  • Every layout object now has an option called "visible" that can be used to hide an object from the desktop.
  • You can now also pick a color from the selected wallpaper to use as text color, just as you were able to pick a color for the background.
  • Two new options "Align Horizontal" and "Align Vertical" for a wallpaper object in a layout. These allow you to change the alignment of the wallpaper in that wallpaper object, so you can for example stretch to height + align to right or other combinations.
  • JPEG files will now automatically be rotated and mirrored according to the orientation stored in the EXIF data.
  • You can now enable an option called "Only generate sensible aspect ratios" for the "Automatically assign "Aspect Ratio x:y" tag" feature. This will prevent generation of tags like "Aspect Ratio 123:36". It will now only generate aspect ratio tags with components <= 16 for example "Aspect Ratio 16:9", "Aspect Ratio 5:3".
  • When using the "Quick Move" and "Give Tags" hotkey for the current wallpaper on the desktop, the OSD will now show a small preview of the image that will be manipulated.
  • You can now choose between recursive/non-recursive selection of a wallpaper in a wallpaper layout object when that object is set to RandomFromSameCategory or RandomFromFixedCategory.
  • When using the left/right keys in the fullscreen preview to preview the previous/next wallpaper, this is immediately reflected in the main window so that the feature "Give Tags" hotkey works correctly when browsing images in the fullscreen preview.
  • Fullscreen preview: enter will now render the previewed wallpaper to the desktop.
  • When closing the layout editor, WPC will now ask to save the changes or discard them. At the moment however, this is asked everytime the layout editor is closed even if nothing has changed in the layout.
  • New functionality added to the image preview window, the window that appears when you press the spacebar when an image is selected in the main window of Wallpaper Cycler:
    • The preview window now allows you to use the left and right keys to move through the images in that category or search folder.
    • A small (optional) help text is displayed in the preview window.
    • Information of the image being previewed can optionally be shown on the preview.
  • The tray menu now contains a "Tools > Find Non-Existing Wallpapers..." item.
  • When a new update has been downloaded, WPC will now ask you if you want to run it immediately.
  • The "Check for updates" feature will now calculate a checksum of the downloaded file to see if it was downloaded correctly.
  • Text objects in layouts can now be linked to a wallpaper object in your layout. This allows you to use the %wallpapername% and other commands to display information about the wallpaper being shown in the linked wallpaper object.
  • New option to disable word wrapping for notes in calender notes objects.
  • Some Open/Save dialogs now have the true Vista layout when running on Windows Vista.
  • When a layout doesn't contain a wallpaper object with the "Which Wallpaper" property set to "Auto" a warning will be shown. This is done because in that case certain aspects of WPC will not work as expected. Double clicking a wallpaper in the main window for example will actually NOT show that wallpaper on your desktop because that's the "Auto" wallpaper.
  • A new option in Tools > Program Settings > Global > Startup called "Delay load last WCL at startup". This allows you to specify a delay in seconds before Wallpaper Cycler will reload the last WCL file at startup.
  • You can make a printout of your calendar notes.
  • %wallpaperfullname% can be used in text objects on layouts to display the full pathname + extension of a wallpaper and not only the filename part like %wallpapername% does.

Bug fixes:

  • libexif.dll would sometimes crash with certain jpg files.
  • The yellow error message that appeared in the screensaver when WPC was not running was not moving around the screen anymore.
  • When folder synchronization adds new folders (= new categories) to disabled categories, the new categories are also disabled.
  • Rerendering of the wallpaper in the Lite version of Wallpaper Cycler would not always happen in a low priority thread.
  • When all categories were disabled, the "Start Cycling" button would be disabled, now it's enabled and a warning will be shown when you press it to explain why cycling cannot start.
  • When a cycle was skipped due to CPU usage (when CPU monitoring is enabled), the timer would freeze.
  • Screensaver didn't work on some systems.
  • When cycling to the next file based wallpaper, WPC will first check if the file still exist. If it doesn't exist it will automatically cycle again. It will try this for 10 times after which an error message is shown with a suggestion on how to cleanup the list.
  • When the WPC screensaver was enabled, opening the Windows Screensaver control panel was pretty slow.
  • WPC will remember the old screensaver and when disabling the WPC screensaver it will restore this old screensaver. Previously, it also happened that WPC would remove any screensaver that was configured in Windows, this should also not happen anymore.
  • The option regarding hand-cursors in Options > Program Settings > Desktop has been rewritten a bit to make it more clear what is meant.
  • In the startup settings delay times for <Rerender on startup delay> and <Delay load last WCL at startup> now clearly mention that those are in seconds.
  • The words "tray icon" and "system tray" have been changed to descriptions based on "notification area" according to the Windows UI guidelines.
  • The main window could be resized too small when running in very high DPI (150%).
  • "Error while create DIBSection in CWCL::RenderWallpaperWithLayout" appeared when Windows was waiting on the Switch User screen and WPC wanted to cycle the wallpaper.
  • After returning from the screensaver or a locked desktop, the timer of Wallpaper Cycler sometimes didn't count down anymore.
  • Windows Gadget was not displaying correctly on Windows 7 Beta and on Windows 7 RC.
  • Height of new tray icon has been increased with 1 pixel to match the height of the old icon.
  • The mouse hotspots in the Info Panel kept working even when no wallpaper was selected in the main list.
  • When you have a 'Give Tags' hotkey assigned to open the tags menu for the selected wallpapers, it will now show a thumbnail in the menu when only 1 wallpaper is selected. This also works in the fullscreen preview window.
  • When the 'Give Tags' menu opened, the main window or fullscreen preview doesn't lose focus anymore.
  • "Rerender on resume" now has a delay of 10 seconds to give Windows time to restore network connections for example.
  • The toolbars were not in High Color on a Dutch version of Windows.
  • The "Rendering in progress" error is now only shown when the user manually initiates a cycle wallpaper request.
  • Removed the tip of the day, since noone ever reads that anyway.
  • The rotation option for wallpapers only worked when the tiling setting was set to "Stretch (Keep Aspect Ratio)".
  • WPC will now correctly render the wallpaper when running in High DPI mode, previously it could result in some tiling effect to become visible.
  • Error messages during rendering appeared behind the main WPC window, causing confusion.
  • Calendar template "Bright" had 2 times the year at the top.
  • The "Random" screensaver transition effect was not that 'random' and sometimes a bit slow.
  • Wallpaper Cycler can rerender the wallpaper automatically when the screen resolution has changed. This is an old feature, but is now enabled by default.
  • The "Spiral In" and "Box In" screensaver transition effects left a 3-5 pixel horizontal line in the middle of the screen when running at 1440x900.
  • Link targets didn't work on wallpaper objects, calendar objects and frame objects.
  • Removed font references to Californian in templates since that's not a font installed by default on Windows.
  • The new text object renderer in a layout again properly calculates the bounding box.
  • WPC would crash when a layout contained a calendar object that was too small to render all days.
  • WPC would crash when a layout contained an object with a width or height of 0.
  • Rendering of gradients was broken after adding the rotation option to wallpapers.
  • The small preview image in the OSD was sometimes cut off.
  • The pick background/text color dialogs now correctly keeps aspect ratio of the image.
  • The info panel will now allow you to quickly check if a wallpaper is linked to a layout either directly or indirectly through one of its parent categories. This now also properly includes links made with tags to layouts.
  • The RSS feeds again shows a brief description of a feed entry and not the entire entry.
  • View Details/Thumbnails now have an icon in the Wallpapers menu.
  • "move layout up..." "move layout down..." menu items, those "..." don't need to be there.
  • Open a wcl, then go to File>Open, click Cancel, previous WCL was closed.
  • An issue with resizing the main window and the tiling combo box in the Info Panel.
  • The HTML renderer for text objects in a layout has been changed. Hopefully this solves issues with rendering certain RSS feeds.
  • When WPC is starting up, the tray icon now has gray arrows. Once the WCL has been loaded the arrows will become either red or blue depending on whether WPC is cycling or not.
  • The IsHiddenSystemFolder check was only done when importing a new folder. Now it is also done during synchronization of folderlinks.
  • When doing a recursive import of a folder, system subfolders like the "recycle bin" and "System Volume Information" will be skipped automatically.
  • The new 3.6 installer will check if a previous version is installed and will ask to uninstall it. This is needed because quite a few new DLLs are being used and we want to get rid of the old ones.
  • After uninstalling the previous version, the new 3.6 installer will automatically remove any oleacc.dl_ and/or dwmapi.dl_ files in the folder of the previous installation. These files were created by a Wallpaper Cycler Windows Vista patch and don't get uninstalled by the uninstaller.
  • The new 3.6 installer will save your registration username and serial number before running the uninstaller and will restore your username and serial number after installing the new version.
  • Due to the new HTML renderer, you can no longer set a specific horizontal and vertical shadow offset. Only 1 shadow offset is available which is used both horizontally and vertically.
  • Screensaver will now also either take a random wallpaper or cycle them sequentially depending on the cycling settings of Wallpaper Cycler.
  • Previous/next wallpaper button wants to select previous/next wallpaper immediately in main window when it's open, before rendering thread has finished.
  • When you get an error regarding ChangeNotification or NextChangeNotification, it is explained in the messagebox what the result of that error is.
  • In layout objects, the "Link Target On Single Click" would not always work properly.
  • When libexif.dll is not available, it doesn't crash anymore.
  • The libexif.dll is now only loaded once instead of loaded/unloaded on every use.
  • Fixed a memory leak when loading JPEG2000 images.
  • Some PCX files caused Wallpaper Cycler to crash.
  • When the main window is opened and thumbnails are being loaded, they will now start loading from where the scrollbar is, instead of starting with thumbnail 1.
  • The name of the month and days was wrongly capitalized on for example Croatian settings.
  • The Info Panel will now remember whether it should display the full name or the short name.
  • Extension *.lnk has been added to the folder synchronization extension exclusion list. A future version will properly support links to images and to folders.
  • Readme and license txt files are now fixed width, which reads easier on wide screen monitors and which is according to the RFC2822 regarding text documents.
  • You could often not use the arrow keys and the spacebar key to check/uncheck items in the list on the right in Program Settings > Global > Miscellaneous.
  • On a clean install, the main window will be bigger by default if you have a bigger monitor.
  • Enlarged minimum window height due to new Info Panel.
  • In new layout wizard, when you click the calendar template button, the Wallpaper Cycler calendar template folder will be opened by default.
  • The zlib library has been updated to the latest version.
  • When the folder synchronization kicks in in the background, no progressbar is shown anymore.
  • F3 (Find Next) would not always work.
  • When the screensaver was configured to use all available layouts, it would even select layouts in disabled categories. Disabled layout categories are now properly skipped unless you force the screensaver module to use a disabled layout category.
  • Drag & drop of multiple wallpapers to a different category wasn't working.
  • When hitting the cancel button in the "select layout template" dialog, the creation of the layout is cancelled and the layout editor is closed.
  • "highlight current wallpaper" didn't work anymore. This also caused problems that WPC would rerender the wrong wallpaper when you hit Rerender wallpaper.
  • Sometimes when adding a folder recursively to an existing category it would add all current child categories twice, closing the main window and reopening fixed this issue. This is now fixed, they shouldn't appear twice anymore.
  • The tree on the left of the main window was recreated every time you changed/added/deleted a category resulting in quite anoying visual flickering. This has been fixed now and the tree almost never flickers anymore.
  • When running the trial version, when starting a new WCL file and then exiting Wallpaper Cycler, no question was asked whether to save the file or not.
  • Increased the contrast a little bit of the Wallpaper Cycler Vista gadget.
  • The Wallpaper Cycler Vista gadget didn't display correctly when Vista was running in high DPI mode.
  • Instead of hardcoding the online help URL, derive it from the version number.
  • WPC crashed when loading BMP files that where compressed with for example RLE8 compression.
  • By default WPC will no longer make a sound when cycling or when CPU Load is too high to cycle. Of course this can be enabled again in File > Document Properties.
  • The screensaver will now wait until the transition effect is finished before starting the timer for the next image.
  • The "Circles Out" screensaver transition effect didn't always completely covered the screen.
  • Wallpaper Cycler didn't always start automatically when logging in to Windows and autostart was enabled.
  • cycle-at-time would not check exactly at the new minute when resuming from standy or hibernation.
  • Fixed some problems with the cycle-at-time feature especially in combination with hibernation.
  • You could press the "Delete" key on your keyboard to delete the "My Layouts" category which would crash WPC.
  • oleacc.dll is now only installed on anything pre-xp
  • When using "Random from fixed category" for a wallpaper object in a layout, WPC will now recursively select a wallpaper from the selected fixed category.
  • Some configurations of wallpaper objects in layouts didn't take disabled tags into account.
  • The "Quick Disable" feature now properly checks all wallpapers currently on the desktop to determine if it needs to cycle when disabling a category or tag.
  • WPC would crash with truncated BMP files.
  • The Vista gadget didn't install on vista 64 bit. (wrong program files folder)
  • You were unable to specify "-1" for the "Days After Current Day" in layouts > Calendar Notes Object > Edit Calendar Notes > General


New features: (Learn more about all the features.)

  • "Tags":
    • Tags can be assigned to wallpapers and/or categories. Wallpapers inherit tags from its parent categories.
    • Tags can be assigned to layouts and/or layout categories. Layouts inherit tags from its parent layout categories. This allows you to create a layout that will be used for wallpapers with certain tags.
    • Tags can easily be selected for wallpapers or layouts with the bar on the right of the main window.
    • The tags selection section in the bar on the right of the main window can be resized with an option in the WPC settings.
    • Tags can be globally renamed, deleted and combined.
    • A "Tags Details" window gives all tags and inherited tags for a selected wallpaper, category, layout or layout category.
    • A wallpaper object in a layout can be linked to a tag to display a random wallpaper with that tag.
    • The following predefined tags exist: Landscape, Portrait and Square. WPC will automatically assign one of these tags to imported wallpapers.
  • "Search Folders": Each search folder is linked with a search command. The following search commands are available:
    • Find wallpapers with certain tags
    • Find wallpapers with a certain piece of text in their filename or foldername
    • Find all wallpapers
    • Find enabled/disabled wallpapers
    • Find wallpapers that have already been cycled to
    • Find wallpapers that haven't yet been cycled to
    • Boolean combination (And, Or, Not) of several other search commands (even nested boolean commands)
  • You can now rename items in the tree on the left of the main window by simply pressing F2 or by clicking it with the mouse a second time while it is already selected.
  • Tray icon menu now contains an item to open quote editor.
  • Sorting in thumbnail view: A new menu item in Wallpapers > View > Sort.
  • WPC can now automatically assign a tag like "AspectRatio 4:3" where the 4:3 is automatically calculated based on the added wallpaper or "AspectRatio Uneven".
  • The main window is now opened with the category opened that was open the previous time.
  • Enable/Disable tags + hotkeys to quickly enable/disable tags. When a tag is disabled with a hotkey and the current wallpaper on the desktop has that tag, the desktop will be cycled automatically. Wallpapers with disabled tags will not be cycled.
  • "Cycle once a day and do not exit at windows logon" option.
  • New option for Calendar Notes objects: "Header Cell Weekend Day With Note" formatting.
  • You can now specify multiple masks (up to 10) for a mask effect and WPC will choose one of these masks randomly.
  • In the following cases Wallpaper Cycler will check for non existing fonts and give a warning when missing fonts were found:
    • Opening/importing a .WCL file.
    • Importing a Calendar Object template.
    • Importing a Calendar Notes Object template.
    • Importing a layout.
  • Added support for MakerNotes in EXIF for Canon, Olympus and Pentax.
  • A "true" default tiling setting. When adding new wallpapers, the tiling setting of those wallpapers will be set to "Default". You can then easily change the default tiling setting in Tools > Program Settings > Document > Wallpaper Default Settings.
  • You can now configure the CPU load threshold between 0% and 100%.
  • Updated AGG to 2.4.
  • The help is now available offline AND online. An option called "Use the online web-based help" is added to "Tools > Program Settings > Miscellaneous" that you can use to switch between online and offline help.
  • New option in the layout editor to vertically and horizontally center 1 object to another object.
  • Allow install as non-administrator.
  • Wizard to help you add new wallpapers, layouts and to explain the basics of Wallpaper Cycler. This is shown when opening the main window to make it easier for first-time-users. This can of course be disabled.
  • When you select the "My Wallpapers" category, WPC will not immediately display all wallpapers in the listview but will instead show a little note in the listview to say that this might take a while depending on the number of wallpapers. When you then double click the listview, all wallpapers will be shown. This is to prevent WPC from freezing for a few seconds when you have lots of wallpapers and you select the "My Wallpapers" category.
  • Import/export calendar notes.
  • "Quick Disable" hotkeys: These allow you to define system wide hotkeys to quickly disable a specific category. You can define as many of these hotkeys as you want. When the current wallpaper on your desktop is from a category that you disable with a "Quick Disable" hotkey, Wallpaper Cycler will automatically cycle to the next wallpaper.
  • A "Quick Disable" Category hotkey can also be configured to show a hierarchical menu of all your categories from which you select the category to disable.
  • Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that allows you to start/stop cycling, cycle to next/previous wallpaper, switch on/off slideshow mode and more. The gadget uses the Wallpaper Cycler COM .NET DLL for communication with Wallpaper Cycler.
  • In the calendar notes object in layouts you can now specify the number of days that should be rendered after the current day.
  • You can now get a fullscreen preview of the selected wallpaper. There is a "Preview Wallpaper..." in the menu when you right click a wallpaper or you can use the spacebar on your keyboard to quickly open the preview for the selected wallpaper. The preview can also be closed with the spacebar.
  • COM .NET DLL: This is a COM object which exports the following functions for controlling Wallpaper Cycler from third party applications:
    • StartCycling()
    • StopCycling()
    • NextWallpaper()
    • PreviousWallpaper()
    • ToggleSlideshowMode()
    • ToggleMainWindow()
    • GetNumberOfSecondsTillNextCycle()
    • IsCycling()
    • RerenderCurrentWallpaper()
    • NextWallpaperFromSameCat()
    • RestartCycling()
    • SetNoWallpaperOnDesktop()
    • RefreshDesktop()
    • ShowQuoteEditor()
    • ShowNotesEditor()
    • ShowCalendarNotesEditor()
    • ShowManageFeeds()
    • ShowDisplayProperties()
  • The "File > Document Settings" and the "Tools > Program Settings" have been merged into 1 dialog to make it easier to find settings. The menu entries "File > Document Settings" and "Tools > Program Settings" are left but now point to the same dialog.
  • When you set the tiling mode of a wallpaper object in a layout to "Tile" then you can now choose between the following for the offset calculation:
    • Auto: The offset will be calculated automatically based on the upper-left corner of your monitor.
    • Manual: This allows you to manually specify an offset in pixels.
    • Center: (New) The offset will be calculated automatically such that the image in the middle will be centered.
  • Slideshow Mode: In slideshow mode, Wallpaper Cycler will use a different cycling timeout than in normal cycling mode. You can enable/disable cycling mode from the main window or with a hotkey.
  • A "Rename Wallpaper..." option has been added to the menu when you right click a wallpaper in Wallpaper Cycler. This allows you to rename the wallpaper in your list AND on your harddisk.
  • When you specify a text color for a specific wallpaper, this text color is now also used as default color when rendering text on your layout. Previously the default layout text color was always white. NOTE: When you specify "Automatic" as text color for your wallpaper then Wallpaper Cycler will still use white as default color for layout text because the text color is calculated after the desktop has been rendered and that color is then used for the icons on your desktop.
  • Every object in a layout can now have a "Link Target". This can be an executable, document, URL, ... When you click or double click (configurable) that object on your desktop the Link Target is executed. Example of use: put a link to http://www.nuonsoft.com/blog/ on your desktop. When you click that text object that site is openend in your default webbrowser.
  • A wallpaper object in a layout can now be linked to a random wallpaper from a selected search folder.
  • Smart Orientation Feature (= Landscape/Portrait feature)
    • The following predefined tags exist: Landscape, Portrait and Square. WPC will automatically assign one of these tags to imported wallpapers.
    • Search folders can be used to find all Landscape, Portrait or Square wallpapers.
    • Layouts can be linked with the tags Landscape, Portrait and Square.
    • When the Smart Orientation Feature is enabled, WPC will check the aspect ratio of the primary monitor and based on that will use a certain set of wallpapers (landscape or portrait wallpapers)
  • Non-existing wallpapers are shown in red in the details view. In the thumbnails view they are shown with a red sign + "Not valid" as thumbnail.
  • "Give Tags" Hotkeys: These allow you to define system wide hotkeys to give tags to the current wallpaper. You can define as many of these hotkeys as you want.
  • A "Give Tags" hotkey can also be configured to show a menu with all your tags. With this menu you can quickly add and remove tags from the current wallpaper.
  • "Move To" Category Hotkeys: These allow you to define system wide hotkeys to move the current wallpaper to a predefined wallpaper category. You can define as many of these hotkeys as you want.
  • A "Move To" Category hotkey can also be configured to show a hierarchical menu of all your categories from which you select the category to which you want to move the current wallpaper.
  • You can now change the location of the "NuonSoft WPC Wallpaper.bmp" that is generated by Wallpaper Cycler.
  • "Post Cycling Script": This is a Windows Scripting file for example JScript or VBScript that will be executed after cycling the wallpaper. The one and only parameter to this script is the name of the file to which Wallpaper Cycler has rendered the desktop. As an example a "Microsoft Powerdesk Powertool.js" script is installed in the "Post Cycling Scripts" subfolder of the Wallpaper Cycler installation folder. This script makes sure that when Wallpaper Cycler changes the wallpaper that it will be changed on all desktops of the MS Powerdesk Powertool.
  • Wallpaper Cycler now keeps track of two kinds of statistics:
    • "Global" Statistics:
      • Number of desktop cycles
      • Number of screensaver cycles
      • Total number of CPU-Load-Skipped cycles
    • "WCL" statistics (document specific):
      • 20 Most used wallpapers
      • 20 Least used wallpapers
      • Usage of all wallpapers
  • The calendar object in a layout can now display the header of the current day with different formatting than other header cells.
  • The calendar object in a layout can now display days with notes with different formatting than other days.
  • Objects in a layout can now be locked to prevent moving and resizing.
  • In the screensaver you can now press the "left-arrow" key on your keyboard to go back to the previous image. (Note: you can go back only 1 step).
  • The layout editor now remembers if "Snap to grid" option is enabled or not.
  • Find & Replace: This allows you to find part of a wallpaper name and replace it with something else. This feature is especially useful when you've moved your wallpapers from for example d:\data\wallpapers to e:\wallpapers. In that case you can Find & Replace all "d:\data\wallpapers" and replace it with "e:\wallpapers". Note: this will not physically rename the files on your harddisk!
  • New "Open Image With..." when right clicking an image in the main window of Wallpaper Cycler. This will open the selected image in a user defined program. The user can configure which program to run.
  • The screensaver will now remember the name of the layout last used so that layout cycling can continue from there on the next screensaver run.
  • It is now visually more clear which day is selected in the yellow calendar on the right of the calendar notes editor.
  • On a clean installation, Wallpaper Cycler will set "db" as default extension to skip during folder synchronization.
  • New calendar templates.
  • New stretching mode: "Stretch to fill". Depending on monitor/wallpaper resolution/aspect ratio this will stretch to width or to height.
  • Shortcut (Ctrl+Enter) to quickly edit a category.
  • The bar on the right of the main window will now change depending on whether a layout or wallpaper is selected.
  • When browsing for a Calendar or Calendar Notes Template, a small preview bitmap is shown in the open dialog.
  • Cleaned up the properties dialog for wallpaper categories.
  • Option to expand/collapse all wallpaper/layout categories.
  • New "CaptionBar" with details about the selected category or layout category. Right click the CaptionBar to configure what information should be visible in the CaptionBar and what not.
  • Generation of thumbnails is much faster now (for JPEG's). Thumbnails are generated between 3 to 4 times faster.
  • In the screensaver you can now press the "right-arrow" key on your keyboard to advance to the next image.
  • New fields: Author Name, Author Email, Author Website and Theme Description for Calendar Notes Templates, just like it already existed for Calendar Templates.
  • Nicer alpha blended selection of thumbnails on Windows XP or later.
  • The thumbnails in the listview don't display black bars anymore if the aspect ratio of the image doesn't match the listview image aspect ratio.
  • A red "Skipped Cycles" pane in the statusbar will display the number of skipped cycles due to CPU load monitoring once a cycle has been skipped. When you double click that pane, the CPU load monitoring settings dialog appears.
  • Double click on the "time until next cycle" pane in the statusbar will open the cycling settings dialog.
  • WPC now remembers which wallpaper categories and layout categories are expanded or not.
  • Added option for auto-save after auto-sync.
  • New hotkeys:
    • "Restore and stop cycling".
    • "Open current wallpaper" + tray menu item
    • "Open current wallpaper in Explorer" + tray menu item
    • "Remove current wallpaper from list and Cycle" + tray menu item
    • "Delete current wallpaper and Cycle" + tray menu item
    • "Toggle desktop icons".
  • Option to disable the synchronization results balloon.
  • Weekend coloring for calendar notes bar.

Bug fixes:

  • Black dot appeared in corners sometimes when using small corner rounding values for wallpaper objects with a border of a few pixels.
  • Time Synchronization requires administrative privileges. Now Wallpaper Cycler will check if it has administrative privileges and if not will automatically disable all time synchronization settings. Works also with Vista UAC. + added extra note in help file to describe this.
  • CPU Monitoring requires administrative privileges. Now Wallpaper Cycler will check if it has administrative privileges and if not will automatically disable all CPU Monitoring settings. Works also with Vista UAC. + added extra note in help file to describe this.
  • Wallpaper Cycler would lose all its "Skip Extensions" and "Most Recent Used" items during a crash report generation.
  • When opening a layout with a calendar notes object in the layout editor and that layout was currently on the desktop, the calendar notes object on the desktop was not clickable anymore.
  • A message is shown when cpu monitoring/time synchronization was enabled and is being disabled because you are not an administrator anymore.
  • The "Find Non-Existing Wallpapers" now also properly checks for the existence of URL wallpapers instead of skipping them.
  • In the effects editor you could enter values outside the allowed range. For example, for transparency you could type 900, although the range is only 0-100.
  • In the layout editor, editing settings in the Effects dialog gave some unexpected behaviour.
  • In the righthand properties (e.g. in the layout editor), you couldn't tab through all properties. You would get stuck whenever a value (text, number) could be typed in the property because the value becomes selected when you tabbed to its attribute.
  • Pressing the first letter of a wallpaper in the thumbnail list to jump to the wallpaper didn't work.
  • After running "Manage Thumbnail Database" the wallpaper list in the main window was not automatically updated.
  • When adding an existing URL wallpaper and then deleting the image from the website, the thumbnail was not updated.
  • When "Adding an URL Wallpaper" that was non-existing, WPC didn't complain, it just added the wallpaper and made it black. Instead of black, the red sign is now shown and a note "Not downloadable or not valid.".
  • Suppose WPC window was visible, with a category of wallpapers visible. Opening explorer and adding a wallpaper to WPC using the shellintegration and selecting a category that was currently visible in WPC, the view within WPC was not updated once this image was added, you had to go to another category and come back before you could see the new wallpaper.
  • Sometimes the notes rendered in the calendar notes object were clipped on the right side.
  • "You can specify which of the columns should be shown in the details view by right clicking on the header in the list." This was not working on Vista.
  • The gradient banner in the settings window now has correct left and right margins on Vista.
  • "Rerender Wallpaper" in Tools menu now has an icon.
  • When selecting "My Layouts" and there were no layouts directly in "My Layouts", a message was displayed saying "no layouts defined." even though there were layouts defined in the subcategories of "My Layouts". Message has been changed to "No layouts defined in this category".
  • Calendar Notes Editor: The textbox is now a bit bigger by default and you can resize the textbox now.
  • Added a note to the Calendar Notes editor to explain that those notes will be used by both the "Calendar" and "Calendar Notes" objects in layouts. This note is also a link to the helpfile with more details.
  • The "Find Wallpaper..."-window now has a banner.
  • If you disable "Cycle with delay" and "Cycle at specific times" and WPC is currently cycling, WPC will now stop cycling.
  • When clicking "Start cycling" and "Cycle with delay"/"cycle at specific times" were both disabled, a dialog gave a warning and now has a link to go directly to the cycling settings instead of only describing the steps.
  • The layout template "Wallpaper with 'paper'-border" would display incorrect on secondary monitors.
  • When browsing for a Calendar or Calendar Notes Template, WPC now automatically goes to the folder containing the installed templates.
  • When you went to the Quotes Sites menu in the Quotes Editor and closed that menu without clicking any item and then closing the Quotes Editor, WPC would still open some quotes site.
  • Removed the cycling sound when clicking on "Set No Wallpaper On Desktop".
  • Added filename of currently opened WCL-file in "Settings"-window behind "document" settings entry.
  • A horizontal scrollbar is shown in the following listboxes when the items are getting too width:
    • The listbox with layouts in Settings > Document > Wallpaper Default Settings.
    • The listbox with layouts when clicking on "Specify Layout" in the browser bar on the right of the main window.
    • The listbox in Wallpaper Category Settings > Layouts.
    • The listbox containing the cycle at times in Settings > Document > Wallpaper Cycling.
    • The listbox containing the layouts in Settings > Document > Screen Saver.
    • The listbox with hotkeys in Settings > Document > Give Tags Hotkeys.
    • The listbox with hotkeys in Settings > Document > Quick Disable Hotkeys.
    • The listbox with hotkeys in Settings > Document > Move To Hotkeys.
    • The wallpaper listbox in the tags-details window when multiple wallpapers are selected.
    • The "Available Effects" and "Effects" listboxes in the setup effects dialog in the layout editor.
    • The listbox containing the extensions to be skipped in Settings > Global > Skip Extensions.
    • The listbox with the RSS feeds in the Manage Feeds window.
    • The listbox in the Layout Template dialog.
    • When deleting a layout that is linked to a wallpaper category or wallpaper a Conflicts dialog is shown containing a listbox.
    • The listbox in Wallpaper Category Properties > Folder Links
    • When adding wallpapers via Shellintegration, a dialog is shown with the wallpapers that will be added. In that dialog the list of wallpapers now has a horizontal scrollbar if required.
    • The listbox in Settings > Document > Layout Cycling.
  • All \ characters in wallpaper- and layout category names are automatically replaced by / because \ is not allowed.
  • Added a line in the CPU Load monitoring settings window to divide the settings in 2 logical block.
  • When selecting multiple images in the "Add Wallpaper Image" dialog, the preview now says that multiple files are selected instead of "couldn't open image".
  • When importing notes in the Calendar Notes Editor, exact duplicate notes are skipped during import.
  • Calendar Notes Editor: the textbox flickered quite a bit when resizing the window.
  • Removed the sub-menu in Tools for the Thumbnail Database and moved the Manage Thumbnail Database directly into the Tools menu.
  • Clicking help in the "Text Editor"-window opened the notes editor help, not the text editor help.
  • Calendar Notes Editor: Selecting a day in the second or third month displayed and the view would jump so the month in which you clicked becomes the first displayed. Now it's not jumping anymore.
  • Changed calender into calendar on a few places.
  • When clicking the Move Up/Down buttons when sorting is enabled, a message is shown that moving items is not possible in that case.
  • Some screensaver effects were terribly slow when the desktop was still visible underneath, so for rendering the first image (on Vista).
  • EXIF: Maximal and Minimal Aperture Canon Maker Notes were sometimes displayed with lots of zeros.
  • The Settings Window and Large Fonts gave a few texts that were, with the default window size, not visible.
  • The little preview that appears in the Add Wallpaper File dialog is much much faster now (for JPG's).
  • Using the folder synchronization on certain NAS boxes resulted in a reproducable crash.
  • Doubleclicking the calendar notes object on the desktop opened the edit window. However, double-clicking the object again (while the first edit window is still open AND the WPC Main window is also open) opened a second edit window.
  • Notes-object Text Editor: using any of the toolbar buttons was not be undoable.
  • Helpfile: All external links now open with an external IE window.
  • Made the minimum width/height of layout-editor bigger.
  • On the "Find Non Existing Images" results-window, the helpbutton went to the wrong topic.
  • Reduced volume of standard cycling sound.
  • "Previous Wallpaper" didn't select the new wallpaper like "Next Wallpaper" does.
  • WPC will now force a category time limit check before each cycle.
  • When importing files recursively, the error message that might appear referenced Tools > Options and it should be Tools > Program Settings.
  • When deleting a wallpaper from a category WPC now selects the next wallpaper instead of jumping to the top of the list each time a wallpaper is deleted.
  • Saving WCL files is between 2 and 3 times faster now + the save algorithm has been changed as to prevent corruption of the WCL file when Windows is shutting down and Wallpaper Cycler doesn't get enough time to save its WCL file.
  • If a category had a large number of files WPC jumped to the top of the list each time a wallpaper was moved to another category. That maked it harder to continue to check the rest of the files. You had to scroll down again to find the last checked wallpaper and continue from that point.
  • When stretching images, sometimes a slight border artifact was visible on the edges of the image. This was especially noticable when enlarging small white wallpapers.
  • When specifying a positive tiling offset for a wallpaper object in a layout, you would see a color bar where there should be a part of the image.
  • Calendar notes editor didn't work correctly when opened by double clicking on calendar notes object on desktop.
  • When one user in Windows XP or later was running WPC and a second user (Fast User Switching) would start WPC, the second user would get an "Unable to initialize RPC. The Wallpaper Cycler screen saver will not work." error.
  • Random selection algorithm for selecting wallpapers for a wallpaper object set to random in a layout could show often the same image. Now WPC remembers which wallpapers have already been shown and takes this into account for selecting a random wallpaper for those wallpaper layout objects.
  • On several places there was "SatErday" instead of "SatUrday".
  • "Move up/down wallpapers" was enabled when "My wallpapers" was selected.
  • If a timelimit on a parent category enabled that parent category, the children categories were not enabled.
  • The setup files had version instead of the Wallpaper Cycler version.
  • When a wallpaper object was outside the screenarea you got an "out of memory" message when using that layout.
  • Fixed typo in OSD: "Start Cyling" should be "Start Cycling".
  • Fixed lots of "flickering" when moving a window over the listview when it contains a message "no items to display...".
  • Duplicates in feeds-menu when having title + description of a specific feed item on the desktop have been removed.
  • When closing the layout editor, a random layout got selected in the main list instead of the one that was edited.
  • Sometimes there was a division by 0 in the random number generator.
  • Fixed that WPC could crash when deleting wallpapers in the "Finding non-existing images" dialog while the main window was still generating thumbnails for the listview.
  • Fixed crash when specifying an outside border for an object and setting that object at position 0,0.
  • When configuring non-overlapping time limits on all categories, shutting down WPC during 1 time limit, rebooting WPC during another time limit would wrongly disable all categories instead of disabling the category with the old time limit and enabling the category with the new time limit. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue that you got a message like "Unable to get wallpaper for wallpaper object with name "Wallpaper Object 1"." when using a wallpaper object in a layout and set it to "Random wallpaper from same category" and the category only had 1 wallpaper in it.
  • Added the name of the layout to the following message that can appear: "Unable to get wallpaper for wallpaper object with name "Copy of Wallpaper Object 1" in layout with name "layout 1"."
  • Fixed redraw bugs in thumbnail listview when resizing window.
  • Folder Synchronization Result balloon contains a more clear message now and you can click it to get the synchronization details.
  • Time Synchronization Result balloon contains a more clear message now and only shows 2 digits after the comma.
  • Linear gradients didn't always render properly.
  • Rotation for linear gradients didn't work properly.
  • Wallpaper Cycler should not crash anymore with hardware DEP enabled.
  • Fixed a crash that happened sometimes when calculating the desktop icon background color.
  • Properly handling context menus in the tree and the wallpaper list on the main window with shift+F10.
  • Fixed an infinite loop on certain jpg images.
  • Renamed "Synchronize Folder Links..." menu item to "Synchronize All Categories...".
  • Renamed "Remove Wallpaper" menu item in tools menu to "Set No Wallpaper On Desktop".
  • Restructured the tray menu.
  • New "Delete Wallpapers" which removes selected wallpapers from the list + deletes them physically. The "Delete Wallpapers" from previous version is now called "Remove Wallpapers From List".
  • If you started a folder synchronization manually and at the same time WPC started synchronizing automatically, all new images were added twice.
  • Cycle-at-times was not always working properly.
  • Mutual exclusive 'cycle at' or 'cycle with delay' ; you cannot enable both anymore to prevent problems and confusion.
  • The "Remove" button for cycle-at-times was only enabled when more than 1 item was selected.


New features: (Learn more about all the features.)

  • When cycling to the next wallpaper (unless sequential cycling is enabled), the category of the current wallpaper is skipped, meaning WPC will try to get a random wallpaper from other categories, unless ofcourse all other wallpapers have already been randomly chosen and the current category does still contain wallpapers that haven't been chosen randomly.
  • You can now change the order of wallpapers in each category.
  • A new option in "File > Document Settings > Text Color Settings" to also use the automatically calculated background color (based on desktop icon positions) as the true background color for the wallpaper and not only for the icons.
  • Much improved quality with image scaling especially for shrinking images.
  • Support for the GIF file format (not animated gif files): Because the Unisys GIF patents are expired now, Wallpaper Cycler now supports GIF files.
  • "Random from fixed category" option for wallpaper objects in a layout.
  • Show EXIF data from wallpapers (for example digital camera data).
  • A hand-cursor is now shown when you move your mouse on the desktop over an object on which you can double click (for example: the Calendar Notes objects)
  • A Calendar Notes Object that can be added to layouts.
  • The tray icon right click menu has a new "show/hide desktop icons" item.
  • You can now specify default wallpaper settings (tiling and layout) for new wallpapers added to Wallpaper Cycler.
  • A basic RSS reader has been added which allows you to display RSS headlines on your desktop and quickly launch the internet-link associated with an RSS feed news-item.
  • Screensaver module with 40+ transition effects.
  • You can now attach a third party application to each wallpaper. A program can be executed when a specific wallpaper disappears from the desktop or when it appears on the desktop. This allows you to for example use a third party application to make custom icon-layouts for each wallpaper. Wallpaper Cycler can add the name of the wallpaper as part of the parameters to the third party app. (see help for more info)
  • A new option "Do not cycle during screensaving or locked desktop" in "Tools > Program Settings > Miscellaneous". Enable this option to prevent Wallpaper Cycler from cycling the wallpaper when a screensaver is running or when you have locked your desktop.
  • A new option to automatically rerender the wallpaper when your resolution changes.
  • Wallpaper Cycler can now automatically detect and synchronize new wallpapers.
  • The tray icon right click menu now contains a "Synchronize Folder Links" item.
  • An auto-time-creator for cycle-at times. For example: auto-create a cycle-at time every 10 minutes: 00:10:00, 00:20:00, ...
  • New options for transparency effect: several merge modes: Normal, Subtract, Add, Multiply, Divide, Difference, Screen.
  • You can now link 2 wallpaper objects in a layout.
  • When starting a new layout, you can choose to use a little wizard to help you.
  • When starting a new layout, you can start from some templates.
  • Added a thumbnail preview to the "Add Wallpaper Image" dialog.
  • Calendar: you can now hide the weekdays.
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) is now anti-aliased and looks much better.
  • Synchronize a specific folder.
  • Wallpaper Cycler can synchronize the time with an internet time server.
  • When you use the "Next Wallpaper" button in the Wallpaper Cycler main window, the new wallpaper is automatically highlighted in the wallpaper list.
  • You can now hide the taskpane on the right of the Wallpaper Cycler main window.
  • The "Add Folder Recursively" option now remembers the last selected folder.
  • Added a hot key for "Exit" and "Exit And Restore"

Bug fixes:

  • When thumbnail view was enabled, and the thumbnails were just being created, deleting the current wallpaper category caused a crash.
  • Some PNG images were loaded to dark.
  • Minor issue with OSD position.
  • If themes were disabled in Windows XP, setting "Always use XP-style menus" to false in Wallpaper Cycler still rendered XP style menus.
  • The installer will now use the correct localized program files folder as default.
  • After explorer crash: automatically calculating background color didn't work anymore.
  • Banner in settings window is cut off with StyleXP.
  • The algorithm for choosing a random wallpaper had a serious flaw: it would only choose between the first 32767 wallpapers in your list. The new algorithm uses a Mersenne Twister Algorithm and doesn't have the 32767 limitation.
  • URLs with a ? at the end didn't work.
  • The filename-based duplicate finder works much faster now with huge number of wallpapers.
  • Populating the listview (in text or thumbnail mode) in the main window with the wallpapers is much faster now when using thousands of wallpapers.
  • Wallpaper Cycler could crash when trying to delete a large category and all of its sub categories.
  • Crash when an object in a layout (wallpaper object for example) touches the right side of the screen and has a border width of > 0 with "Inside Border" disabled.
  • The cycle-at-times didn't always work.
  • Entering lots of cycle-at-times is now more user friendly. Your last added cycle-at-time gets selected in the list.
  • The desktop icons would reappear when you had enabled "Hide desktop icons" in WPC, and you had disabled the "Show desktop icons" in Windows itself.
  • An issue with the URL Wallpapers (for example webcams). Sometimes the image was retrieved from the local cache instead of from the internet.
  • Allow < 5 seconds cycling times.
  • Calendar editor: fixed an issue when you disabled the week-numbers.
  • Horizontal and vertical gradient were incorrect when not square.
  • Removed the "You can only cycle the wallpaper 30 times in one session." limitation from the trial.
  • You can now run the trial 30 times instead of 20 times.
  • Find Next would sometimes crash.
  • Selecting lots of images in the imagelist with the shift-select-combo, caused the info-bar to be redrawn for each image -> was very slow.
  • Fixed some issues with importing .WCL v2.x files.
  • "Add to Wallpaper Cycler" from the windows shell -> category tree didn't had a scrollbar.
  • The difference between file>settings and tools>options is now better explained and are renamed.
  • Some TGA files where inverted and upside-down.
  • Fixed a crash when using the delete button in the toolbar to delete a category.

Version 3.0

Wallpaper Cycler 3.0 is the completely rewritten version of Wallpaper Cycler 2.1 with greater possibilities and goes much further than most other wallpaper cyclers.Learn more about all the features.


Version 2.1

  • Make text of icons on your desktop transparent. This even works with Active Desktop enabled!
  • Added new options when adding a folder to the imagelist:
    You can now let Wallpaper Cycler automatically create categories based on the folder names.
  • You can now change the text that appears in the tooltip of the Wallpaper Cycler tray icon when Wallpaper Cycler is cycling.
  • Added a "Find Non Existing Images" feature.
  • New option to use large bitmaps on toolbars and menus.
  • Added a "Cycle once and do not exit at window logon" option.
  • Show window hotkey: this hotkey is changed to a toggle-hotkey. When you press this shortcut anywhere in Windows, the Wallpaper Cycler window will be shown when it was hidden and will be hidden when it was shown.
  • Pressing the Enter key in the imagelist will set the currently selected image as your current wallpaper.
  • Added a "Refresh Current Wallpaper" menu option and hotkey.
  • The Wallpaper Cycler settings window is now by default larger when running on a resolution > 640x480.
  • Added option "Always use XP-style menus": When you enable this setting, the menus will always be drawn in the Windows XP style. When this setting is not set, the menus will be drawn according to your system settings.
  • Fixed a bug with category descriptions sometimes disappearing when clicking "..." in the Add/Edit Category window.
  • Bug fix: "Select duplicates" does not deselect current selection.

Version 2.0.2

  • Enhancements made to the system wide shortcuts: the Windows-keys can now be used in a shortcut.
  • Fixed the system wide shortcuts: shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+N didn't work.
  • Added some more wallpaper sites.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

Version 2.0.1

  • The F12 key cannot be used as a hotkey, because it's not allowed by the Windows programming guidelines.
  • Minor issue with the uninstaller.

Version 2.0

  • First NuonSoft branded version.
  • Categories can be used to group certain wallpapers. Wallpaper Cycler supports up to 65535 categories each of which can contain up to 65535 images.
  • Categories can have time constraints. This can be used to make a category which will only be used in the morning, summer, ...
  • Cycle with a specific delay or at specific times or both.
  • Wallpaper Cycler includes an advanced random choice algorithm which ensures that you will see all wallpapers in the list.
  • Shell integration allows you to easily add new wallpapers straigth from Windows Explorer.
  • System wide shortcuts can be used to quickly start cycling, cycle to next wallpaper, ...
  • A built-in list of quality wallpaper websites.
  • The built-in bug reporter makes it easy to report bugs.
  • Wallpaper lists are now saved in binary which result in great performance improvement with large lists.
  • Double click on the system tray icon to quickly cycle to the next wallpaper (disabled by default).
  • Play a sound each time the wallpaper is changed.
  • Find duplicate images in your wallpaper list.
  • Almost all Wallpaper Cycler dialogs are resizable.
  • Wallpaper Cycler now contains a MRU (Most Recently Used) list.
  • Easily pick a color from the selected image to use as desktop background image.
  • Much better performance when working with large image list (> 10000 wallpapers).
  • Cycle back to previous wallpaper.
  • Sort your images in alphabetical order.
  • A crash handler, which makes a crash report that you can send to us to easily pin-point the problem.

Version 1.4

  • Shuffling should work beter now.
  • Paths in the .WCL files can now be relative.
  • The fullscreen/small-preview was rather blocky when scaling images.
  • The sort-headers in the wallpaper list are now enabled.
  • You can now "pick" a color from a picture to use as background color for that picture.
  • Wallpaper Cycler now remembers it's position (also if it's not on the primary monitor)
  • The drop-down color selectors now work when Wallpaper Cycler is not on the primary monitor.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occured with the color selectors.
  • Colorpickers are now multi-monitor and XP theme aware.
  • Added a "Full Filename" box to the information frame.
  • Menus were not readable when background of menu is not white and text is white!

Version 1.3

  • Added a "Next Wallpaper" command (thanks to mattia dal corno)
  • Some minor bugfixes.
  • Added an image-size column to the imagelist view (thanks to mattia dal corno)
  • Changed the shortcut for Addimage from Ctrl+A to Ctrl+I.
  • Added shortcut Ctrl+A to select all images in imagelist.
  • Added "select none" and "invert selection".
  • Wallpaper Cycler now remembers the windowposition and size between sessions.
  • Automatically set tiling setting to match current screen resolution.
  • Included a first run messagebox
  • Redesigned the about box (included no warranty and credits).
  • Helpfile updated.

Version 1.2

  • Some minor bugfixes.
  • Updated the helpfile.
  • Renaming the executable (.exe) file doesn't cause any problems anymore.

Version 1.1

  • Shuffle images in the list.
  • Shuffle during cycling.
  • New installer/uninstaller.
  • Some minor bugfixes.
  • Option to change wallpaper only once per session at Windows logon.
  • Add all images in a folder and all its subfolders recursively.
  • The icon in the system tray is recreated when explorer crashes.
  • The number of wallpapers is shown in the statusbar.

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